Koginzashi book cover kit

◆We have completed our first book cover kit, which combines the basic patterns ``Modoko'' to create larger patterns . This design is based on the basic idea of ​​enlarging the Koginzashi pattern, ``combining modoko skillfully.'' The pattern used in the photo below is probably ``Hana Tsunagi'', which is a combination of the basic pattern (Modoko) ``Hanako'', but this time I expanded this ``Hana Tsunagi'' to complete the kit design.

From Hanako to Hana Tsunagi, and from Hana Tsunagi, many enlarged patterns related to Hana Tsunagi were born (those who order a kit will also receive the designs), and I felt the power of tradition. The Kikurako (tree root) pattern also appeared naturally. As Hanako expands and we come across Kikurako, we wonder if this flower blooms on trees? It's fun if you let your imagination run wild.

It is said that ``the book that has survived for a long time is the book that should be read.'' In the same way, the basic pattern (modoko), which is the traditional pattern of Koginzashi, has survived for a long time for a reason. Isn't that what it feels like? I thought again. If you trace their origins, they have the same basic pattern, and even after many changes, there are "similar parts" like the same family lineage, and I think that's why they blend together without feeling out of place even when placed next to each other.

◆Regarding the kit itself: This kit has had many challenges (due to lack of knowledge and experience) such as design creation and printing environment, and after trying each one one by one, I have repeatedly overcome them and managed to get to a level where I can show them to you. I think so. This year, I will not only refine my Kogin-zashi techniques, but also the techniques involved in kit production, and I would like to make it even more useful to everyone in the future, so I look forward to your continued support.
Finally, Satonobo enjoys deriving from and combining the basic traditional Kogin-zashi patterns in his own way. The design of the kit is always based on that. What would happen if you could enjoy traditional Kogin-zashi using materials available today, away from the need for cold protection or reinforcement? It's like that. I would be happy if everyone who enjoys the kit can feel the tradition in some way.

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Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.