Born in Namioka, Aomori City

◆Start somehow, get bored, start again somehow
After leaving Aomori, I learned about koginzashi and started doing it as a substitute for reading, but I gradually got bored with it and put all the materials away. By chance, I received a message from my aunt about Kogin, and when I was sending her the materials because she wasn't going to use them anymore, I touched the cloth and thread, so I decided to try it again! and resumed. When I restarted it, it seemed like I was just tired of making works according to the text, but after I started designing my own, I started to enjoy Koginzashi, and I still don't get tired of it, and in fact, it's getting more and more interesting. I feel and enjoy it.


◆Sharing the fun of Koginzashi Currently, my main activity is making Koginzashi kits. I feel the joy of being able to share the fun of kogin-zashi with people who enjoy kogin-zashi through the kit is very special. Even those who were beginners when we started selling kits have steadily improved their skills, and starting this year, we hope to be able to make kits for slightly larger items and miscellaneous goods such as book covers. Here are my thoughts on making the kit.

I may get tired of it again someday, but for now I have themes that I want to work on, such as comparing materials and trying out old Kogins, so I'm going to take my time and work on them, and share information on this blog and SNS . I hope I can go.

◆I like Czech Republic

This is not directly related to Kogin, but I love the Czech Republic . When I was studying at the Faculty of International Studies at Utsunomiya University, I spent a year studying abroad in a town called Olomouc in the Moravia region in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. What I did was enjoy beer and travel with international students from all over the world, and talk about language and culture with Czech and Slovak students studying Japanese. Before the coronavirus, I used to go to the Czech Republic almost every year to see friends and to free my mind. The reason I look for color in Koginzashi may be because the colors blend harmoniously throughout the city. I would like to occasionally touch on the Czech Republic on my blog.

Thank you very much.

(Color scheme inspired by the Czech flag and thank you in Czech)