Thoughts on kit production

◆Satonobo Koginzashi Kit
Based on the production concept of ``Koginzashi that you can enjoy with your eyes,'' we produce two types of kits : a Koginzashi kit that allows you to enjoy the seasons, and a Koginzashi kit that improves your skills . Both designs are designed with a combination of traditional patterns, with the main premise that beginners can enjoy them, and the themes are as follows.

○ Koginzashi kit to enjoy the season

By using simple patterns, we aim to create designs that even beginners (those who understand the basics) can enjoy. We hope you will enjoy Kogin art, which looks different depending on the color scheme, and enjoy the fun of Kogin embroidery, getting used to handling thread and becoming friends with fabric.

Skill up Koginzashi kit

This is a summary for beginners of what I felt, what I learned, and what I wanted to convey when I imitated the old Kogin, which is traditional Kogin sashimi, and elements that may be helpful when designing your own. is included . Please try all the designs and feel the movement of the kogin with your body. If you feel like you have understood the mechanism, please try stitching with a single color. I think the pattern will look different.

I will continue to work hard on kit production while valuing the above. If you would like to make something like this, please feel free to let me know by sending me a message.
We look forward to your continued support.