Kogin sashimi kit 8

◆Skill up kit 8
Kit 8 , which we are introducing today, allows you to enjoy the charm of traditional patterns from a slightly different perspective than Kits 1 to 7. Is it the same design? This is a kit that you can enjoy to the fullest with its mysterious color scheme . The materials are familiar, Tsugaru Kobosha's Kogin Duel (Azabu) and hand-dyed Kogin thread made by handwork enthusiasts.
Kit 9 is more difficult due to its derivative design. The first chapter of the skill-up kit, the closing kit 10, is the culmination, and 8 to 10 will continue like that.

◆Difficulty level and points

The difficulty level is 2. Since the theme is to play with color schemes , the design is very simple and looks like wrapping paper tied together with a ribbon . `` Complete the design of the wrapping paper by coloring it (choosing the thread color) and tying it with ribbon of your favorite color.'' We proceeded with the design structure based on the story setting. It's like a coloring book .
There are two types of designs: one modoko (basic pattern) and one flow pattern for the ribbon part. The design has a layered feel to it, as if the ribbon is placed on top, so it takes a bit of effort to work out the part below the ribbon, but I think it's fun and doesn't make you sleepy.
Please feel free to add color and complete your own wrapping . I also think it would be interesting to change the frame!

◆Material introduction
Tsugaru Kobosha Kogin Dwell (Azabu)
It is a kogin cloth with a vertical pattern and tight weaving threads, and is well pasted. It has appeared many times, so for those who have enjoyed it in order from Kit 1, I think it's about time you got used to it.
Dwell is a fabric with tension, so I feel that one of its special features is that you can count the stitches while playing the yarn with the needle. Instead of relying on your eyes, you might try pricking the needle by touching it with the tip of the needle.

Handmade fan hand-dyed kogin thread
Please enjoy this kit because it goes well with Kogin Dwell, makes the needle move smoothly, comes in many colors, and creates a casual and gentle atmosphere.

What you can experience (= How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Develop expressiveness using color ⚪︎Enjoy continuous patterns ⚪︎Learn that the impression can change just by placing one modoko (basic pattern) next to each other ⚪︎Know the ability of modoko and be amused ⚪︎Handwork fan hands Learn about the characteristics of dyed Kogin cloth ⚪︎ Learn about the characteristics of Tsugaru Kobosha Kogin Dwell ⚪︎ Learn how ironing will make your work look neat ⚪︎ (Please feel free to add your experience)


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Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.