Kogin sashimi goldfish nebuta kit

◆Kogin sashimi x goldfish nebuta/Neputa A cute kit of kogin goldfish nebuta is now available.
Even if you have never been to Aomori, when you think of summer in Aomori, many people think of the Nebuta Festival . An indispensable part of the Nebuta Festival is the goldfish Nebuta/Neputa, which is the motif of this kit. It's a simple design that combines basic patterns ( Modoko ), so even beginners can complete it in about 1 to 2 hours.
Goldfish Nebuta are a symbol of happiness, so be sure to make several and enjoy displaying them lively! While I was making this kit, I felt nostalgic and happy as I remembered the goldfish nebuta I made while painting wax on it when I was in kindergarten.

Goldfish Nebuta kits are on sale at minne , koginbank (kits using koginbank original cloth), Tsugaru Kobosha (kits using Tsugaru Kogin's Kogin Dwell and Tsugaru Kogin thread).

◆What is Goldfish Nebuta and Goldfish Nebuta?
In the summer, they appear energetically not only in places visited by tourists, such as airports and stations, but also in local life, such as in supermarkets. The lively display of real goldfish acting in groups lets you know that summer has finally arrived.
It seems that it was a part-time job for samurai families during the Edo period, but kogin-zashi was the handiwork of farmers. I hope that both the culture that took root in Aomori from around the same time and the culture that has developed will continue into the future.


◆Nebuta? Neputa?
Just as there are those who call it Koginsashi and others who call it Koginzashi, there are those who call it Nebuta and others who call it Neputa. Nebuta is Aomori, Neputa is Hirosaki, Goshogawara, Kuroishi, etc. I think it is treated as a proper noun, including dakuten and handakuten, but personally, I feel that it is just an accent, like koginzashi. I call her Goldfish Nebuta, but my mother calls her Goldfish Neputa, so we don't seem to mind each other.

◆Quoted from the Japanese fire festival Aomori Nebuta , “What is Goldfish Nebuta?
https://www.nebuta.jp/listen/goldfish/info.html ,
( July 22 , 2022 )