Kogin sashimi kit goldfish nebuta

◆Kogin sashimi kit Goldfish Nebuta We have prepared new colors for the Goldfish Nebuta kit currently on sale due to a change in the fabric lot. The design remains unchanged.
Both the kogin cloth and kogin thread are made by koginbank. In addition, as for frames, up until now we only had stylish hoops from Olympus, but now you can also choose from clover embroidery hoops. They vary in size and atmosphere, so please enjoy the one that suits your taste.

( 2022: koginbank old lot cloth x handwork fan kogin thread, 2023: koginbank new lot cloth x koginbank kogin thread )
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 2. The design will not change, but the thread will change from Handiwork Fan to Koginbank, so the stitching will feel different. Please continue to enjoy the rhythm of Kogin.

◆Material introduction
koginbank original kogin cloth (cotton cloth)
 The fabric remains supple and easy to sew. Due to the change in production lot, the color of the product has changed. The old lot looks like whipped cream (almost white), and the new lot looks like fresh cream (slightly yellowish white) .
Koginbank's fabric is actually an amazing fabric that won't let the Olympus kogin thread fall apart. (Olimpas's kogin thread is a style that pulls out the required number of threads, so I feel that it is a thread that requires some skill if you want to maintain the encapsulated state.) As for the feeling of stabbing, the weaving thread flexes according to the thread and the size of the tunnel. It's like squeezing and expanding. It's interesting, so if you have the ingredients on hand, please give it a try.

koginbank kogin thread
 The kogin thread is made of 4 threads of No. 8 cotton thread, making it sturdy and giving it a sense of presence and height. This is a kogin thread with a lot of attention to detail and an interesting story to complete. We recommend that you take a look at koginbank's web magazine to enjoy the depth of yarn.
It may untwist when threading it through a kogin needle, but if you use koginbank's cloth, which has a fairly strong twist and does not put stress on the thread, I think you will be able to finish stitching the thread cleanly.
In addition, it is very compatible with congress, where the threads are difficult to move. The combination of koginbank cloth and Olympus kogin thread has a good compatibility that is different from the combination of koginbank cloth and Olimpas kogin thread.Congress resolutely does not change the size of the grain tunnel, and the koginbank kogin thread with a core passes through it majestically. If you have the materials, please try this as well. I'm always excited and enjoying how materials meet each other.

(Left: Olympus fashionable hoop, right: Clover embroidery hoop)
◆What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi )
⚪︎Enjoy combining the traditional patterns of kogin sashimi ⚪︎Enjoy the summer tradition of Aomori with kogin sashimi ⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of koginbank original kogin cloth
⚪︎Koginbank Learn about the characteristics of Kogin thread
⚪︎Experience the joy of making Koginzashi on a gift⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)

◆Production secrets
I have all the colors of koginbank's kogin thread, but I wasn't sure if I could use the 4-strand kogin thread well, so I didn't try it, so it wasn't included in the kit. However, I found out that the twist of the thread was stronger than I had imagined, so it didn't fall apart and was easier to pierce.
In addition, due to the particularity of the threads, I recently learned about the interesting atmosphere of ``4 pieces of No. 8 cotton combined'', in which the threads alone have a height, and the threads themselves have shadows, which is interesting for everyone. hey! I wanted to share this with you, so I made a kit using koginbank's thread.

(Can you feel the height of the thread?)

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Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.