Minne sales from June

◆Minne will be closed from June 5th. We have finally decided on the start date of our closure. From June 5th, minne sales will be closed for a long period of time (undecided). However, there will be a sales period. I'll think about the details later, but I think we'll probably have a one-week sales period once every one or two months.
Also, this Satonobou shop will not be closed, so please continue to use it. Due to the purpose of concentrating on self-improvement, the sales contents are limited, such as items already packaged as kits. 

◆Why I decided to take a break

Roughly speaking, it's to secure time for production, challenge, and grow . It's been about 10 years since I started Koginzashi, when I was a mid-level company employee, and I started to think that if I kept going like this, I would just continue doing it out of inertia and would be unable to create anything better. With Kogin-zashi, the more you stab, the more inspiration you have, and you keep thinking, ``I should try this next time,'' and what will happen if I do this.
Satonobo's activities are supported by interactions with customers who enjoy using the kits. Also, the words of people who actively ask questions or actively make requests are very valuable to me, as they bring out expressions that I could never have imagined. In the future, I would like to calm down and improve the level of Koginzashi so that I can continue to create Koginzashi expressions that people like me will find interesting.

(Try kogin sashimi for now)

◆I'm going to continue stitching for the time being The photo in this article is called `` Kogin-zashi, I'm going to try stitching it first '', and as the name suggests, it's a piece of work that I tried stitching on fabrics of various sizes and manufacturers that I had on hand. . It is a work that is free and has no concept of mistakes, such as looking at the design book and trying out the color scheme, or expanding the development by stabbing without relying on the design. There are no mistakes or failures, so there is only a sense of accomplishment. At the same time, you won't feel like you're at a limit, and you'll be more and more motivated to try your next koginzashi. It's a kogin zashi that makes you positive.
After I stitched the kogin below, which is a piece of work I would like to try stitching, I felt like I wanted to stitch it on a larger piece of cloth. And I'm going to take this opportunity to try it.

(Try kogin sashimi for now: approx. 30cm x 32cm)

◆Produce works that are steeped in culture
Many of the kits I have created so far were born out of kogin sashimi, which was just trying to stab something. The same goes for Kit 6 and Kit 7 , and the Starter Kit is one of the designs I tried out.
I feel like Kogin-zashi, which I try to sashimi , is steeped in culture . I would like to immerse myself in creating works that are free and unrestricted by the design that unfolds on cloth, yet are firmly imbued with the essence of Koginzashi. I would like to keep in mind the things that are present in nigiri sushi but not in California rolls.

(Starter kit/Kit 1)

◆Thank you for your continued support.
Even if minne is closed, please send us a message if you have any questions. In addition, we will gradually enhance the content of the Satonobou shop. Thank you for your continued support despite the closure.