2022/7/24 Published in Tooku Nippo

◆Kogin Goldfish Nebuta published in To-O Nippo on July 24, 2022 Kogin Gold Fish Nebuta was featured in To-O Nippo, a local newspaper subscribed in Aomori Prefecture.

First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to the reporter for finding me, for listening to my production philosophy and thoughts, for summarizing it in a professional manner, and for being able to disseminate it to my hometown of Aomori Prefecture.
The overwhelming majority of orders for this kit came from within Aomori Prefecture, making us realize once again how important Nebuta/Neputa Festival and Goldfish Nebuta are to the people of Aomori Prefecture. We will continue to work hard to create works that respect traditional patterns.

Goldfish Nebuta kits are on sale at minne , koginbank (kits using koginbank original cloth), Tsugaru Kobosha (kits using Tsugaru Kogin's Kogin Dwell and Tsugaru Kogin thread).