Support koginbank CF

◆Supporting koginbank's CF Recently, koginbank , which disseminates information on kogin zashi and hishi zashi all over the world, launched a crowdfunding campaign for the future of original kogin cloth. Therefore, I received a book cover made from Kogin Bank's original Kogin cloth as a return item, and I continued trying to find a design that would work best. I was unable to meet the deadline, but he told me to persevere, and I managed to settle on the design by the fifth prototype.

◆What was important when creating the book cover
① Select thread colors that take advantage of the muted colors of the fabric.
I usually tend to choose threads that make a statement on the fabric, but this time I experimented with threads that harmonized with the colors of the fabric and thread. It may be bright or dark, but I have always been conscious of whether the color matches the color of the fabric. More details can be found on Instagram Satonobou .

② When reading, you can feel the kogin thread with your hands.Of course, I was concerned about the overall appearance, but the best part of kogin zashi is that you can feel the warmth from the unevenness of the thread. Koginbank's cotton fabric is very soft to the touch, and when you use it as a book cover, you can feel the warmth of the fabric itself, and when you stitch a pattern on it with kogin thread, the unevenness you feel feels very comfortable on your hands and fingers. You can We were conscious of the pattern placement to make your relaxing reading time even more enriching. We hope you enjoy the interior design as well as its practicality.

③It is composed of traditional patterns
The design this time wasn't difficult at all, the main thing was just changing the size of the same design and layering it. The pattern added as an accent is a scale pattern to further enhance the layering of the top and bottom. There are still many patterns that I have never embroidered before, but I would like to continue to convey the charm of traditional patterns (regular patterns in which the basic pattern, modoko, is combined or transformed) by devising new expressions.

◆About making the kit In the first place, the width of koginbank's original kogin cloth is perfect for book covers! From that point on, I started working on the book cover. It's taking a while, but I'm trying to make it even better, including the tailoring, so that I can sell it as a kit by November!

(Prototypes No. 3 and 4)