Koginbank and Kogin talk

◆Kogin Bank Mr. Ishii interviewed us The other day, Koginbank interviewed us about Satonobo himself and Satonobo's activities. You can view the article here . If you need a self-introduction, please let us know the link to this article! You have written such wonderful articles that I have decided to do so. Please take a look!
Opportunities to talk about Satonobo's activities and about myself decreased significantly, and I was very nervous on the day of the interview (Mr. Ishii had a calm and relaxed atmosphere from beginning to end), but after the interview, I was able to express my experiences so far. It was a wonderful experience to think about what kind of influence it had on Koginzashi.
Koginbank is currently crowdfunding, so please support us! I am also creating a book cover as a return.

◆The academic city of Olomouc in the Czech Republic The thumbnail in the article is a square in the town of Olomouc in the Moravia region of the Czech Republic, where I lived for a year while attending university. What stands out is the Holy Trinity Column, a World Heritage Site. Olomouc, the fifth largest city in the Czech Republic, has a bit of a Tsugaru feel to it, and travel has resumed, so if you haven't been yet, please come and visit!
At the same latitude as Hokkaido, it is an area with four distinct seasons and harsh winters (sometimes in the -20 to 30 degree Celsius range), and the language and character of the people are similar to those of the people of Aomori Prefecture, making it a relaxing place to live.
Someday, I would like to hold a Koginzashi exhibition in the Czech Republic and hold a Koginzashi course at an event held by the Department of Japanese to convey Japanese culture.

(Olomouc, from the tram station in front of Palacký University where he studied abroad)