kogin book cover

◆How familiar are book covers? Since last fall, I have been working hard on making book covers, both as kits and as returns for koginbank's club fans. The other day, the work was finally completed and shipped to koginbank. During production, I used one of the prototypes to see how it would look in order to get a hint for the final tailoring. I work from home and don't use it to read while commuting to work every day, so I think I'm getting used to it slowly, but I used it a few days a month for three months.
(This is a book cover that has been sitting in a disorganized bag for some time.)

(The bulge on the folded part on the size adjustment side has settled down and it has become familiar.)

(The threads on the front have become crushed. It feels like they are becoming one with the fabric.)

(It feels like the lining fabric and outer fabric have begun to coexist.)

◆I consulted with my husband, who is the type of person who manages things dynamically so that they fit in the owner's hands , and I made the book cover sturdy. Both the kogin cloth and the lining cloth have an adhesive interlining, so it seems like they will be able to withstand the tough times.
As you use the book, a hangnail on your hand may get caught and a thread may come out, or a corner of the book may make a hole in the lining fabric, but these conditions also change over time and the amount of time you spend with the book. I would be very grateful if you could feel the life of the owner.