Dinosaur and Koginzashi

◆Enjoy Kogin-zashi as if you were enjoying a dinosaur Why are traditional patterns so fun? Sometimes I think about it, but maybe it's similar to my son's love for dinosaurs? I realized this recently.
The traditional pattern of Kogin-zashi has already been completed, and it has a complete beauty . Dinosaurs also evolved into modern birds, but my son is fascinated by the complete beauty of dinosaurs, and is thrilled by the information he learns from illustrated books. When I looked at my son, I thought that, just as my son plays with dinosaur toys, I'm probably playing with traditional Kogin-zashi patterns, combining them in any way I want, and making them in my favorite colors.
Its very existence is fascinating, and there are likely to be discoveries that we haven't yet discovered, and the more we look at it (the more we dig into it), the more we learn about it, the more we enjoy it. The traditional pattern of Kogin-zashi is the origin of Kogin-zashi.


◆Even if dinosaurs are extinct, they are still strong.I feel the infinity of playing with traditional pattern combinations, like a child's play with blocks, and I think it's amazing how strong dinosaurs are, but I also feel that dinosaurs are still strong even though they are extinct. Its existence has not been forgotten; on the contrary, it continues to be studied to learn more about it, and its very existence is considered precious. The embroidery above is a Tarbosaurus.My son asked me to try embroidery for the first time.
This blog may not make much sense, but it gave me a good idea of ​​Satonobo's future activities, so I thought I'd leave it here.

I like Iguanodon.