Modoco’s sense of completion/unfinishedness

◆The sense of completion and unfinishedness of Modoco (basic pattern)
For the past few months, I have been working on the basic kit in parallel with the book cover. The basic kit is a good opportunity to not only learn how to stitch, but also to review the basic pattern of modoko , making it a fruitful time to become aware of modoko that you don't usually use and learn about its strengths. I also noticed that I tend to unconsciously choose modcos from the same group.
What I realized while making the kit is that Modoko is an amazing character that has both a sense of completion and an unfinished feeling . I've always felt that modoko harmonizes with the things next to it when making koginzashi, but I realized once again that that doesn't mean it doesn't have a statement. A flexible being that can be completed or left unfinished. It looks very strong.


◆No matter how you combine them, they will form.No matter how you combine them, you will end up with some kind of pattern. The scenery expands the moment you stand next to each other. The ability of modoko with traditional patterns is immeasurable. Modoko is truly an interesting entity, whether it was created based on a motif or whether the motif was chosen by looking at the result of combining Modoko. I would like to continue to enjoy Koginzashi while valuing my own aesthetics!