Title Koginzashi artist

◆Title: Koginzashi Artist It's been almost 10 years since I started koginzashi, and I've gotten used to being introduced as a ``koginzashi artist.'' Still, I feel reluctant to introduce myself as ``I'm Satonobo, a Koginzashi artist.'' I no longer have any reluctance to say, ``I usually do koginzashi,'' but what's the difference? The content of resistance is shyness, embarrassment, and such things. Maybe it's because they lack professionalism (sweat). Is the future proudly announcing its name?


◆Title: Farmer, Mother, Daughter, Student The other day, I had a lot of conversations with Ms. Ishii from Koginbank , and perhaps the output switch was turned on in my everyday life where input continues. I suddenly realized that the women who created the traditional koginzashi that I am currently fascinated by may have been farmers, mothers, daughters, and students, if I had to give them titles. At that time, some people may have had in mind the title of koginzashi artist, or someone may have called ``that mother over there an expert koginzashi craftsman.'' However, it is still something that exists in our daily lives, even if it remains silent. The fact that Koginzashi was not something independent may be why I feel embarrassed to call myself a Koginzashi artist.
Nowadays, thanks to the combined efforts of many people, Koginzashi has gained status, more and more people are calling themselves Koginzashi artists, and it has spread all over the world.
I would like to ask the women of that time to take a look at the current state of Koginzashi! (I'd love to teach you!)