Kogin and Goen

◆Stitching according to the design The Kogin in the photo was finally finished, after many times I missed the timing when it was almost finished. In the spring of 2020, I created a book cover to commemorate the birth of my second son. After that, I adjusted it to paperback size and stitched the same design, but since it wasn't something I was in a hurry to do, I put it off until I had more time or when I felt like it, and then I put it off until later. Although it is a total stab, it is about the size of a paperback book cover, so if you have a strong sense of purpose, you can finish stabbing in a week. However, for some reason, it took almost two and a half years. LOL One thing that is clear is that I have a very difficult time emotionally ``stitching with a set design,'' so it's hard for me to ``get in the mood,'' and in the end, I end up stabbing with the feeling that ``I'm going to stab a certain pattern.'' That's why it took so long. It's a feeling close to boredom.
Yoshiharu Hanyu, a shogi player, also wrote in his book ``To continue to produce results'' that ``Scheduled harmony is not fun .'' Is it the same as Mr. Hanyu? Just thinking about it made me feel a little relieved.


◆ Accumulating connections Of course, just because you don't have the motivation doesn't mean it takes a lot of time. Over the past two years, many people involved with Satonobo have approached me about creating new works, but more than anything else, I have had to put things off because it took too long to complete. The reason is. When I think about this, I feel truly happy and realize that I have been able to spend so much time here. My second son will be 3 years old when spring comes. Not only at home, but also the density of Kogin time has become very dense.


◆Create change and find joy If you say that making works according to the design in a place like this is boring, what do you think about the return of koginbank's club fan the other day, who made 5 works with the same design? That's right, lol. Correction required.
First of all, creating book covers was like an adventure and there was no time for boredom . It started with deciding on the design, making prototypes to find the appropriate position for the design, deciding on the thickness of the adhesive interlining, deciding on the material for the lining fabric, and since the width of the fabric was determined, making the best use of the width of the fabric. What should I do to do that? Once the content has been decided, I feel a certain comfortable pressure that if I make a mistake, I won't be able to meet the deadline.
I know that I can enjoy working in an environment where there is change and I have to think , so I decided to give each piece a theme and make them all different colors so that I can create a fresh feeling in each piece. With that decision in mind, I started creating my work. After I stitched it, I realized that the color of the thread was different from what I expected.
Well, it looks like this story about creating a book cover is going to be long, so I'll stop here for now. LOL I also heard about Mr. Hanyu's book on Audible while I was making the book cover. It was an interesting story in the Kogin world these days, such as the fact that shogi has no copyright, so please read (or listen) if you'd like.

References ○ To continue producing results (Laws for turning luck, pressure, and mistakes into your allies), Yoshiharu Hanyu, Nippon Jitsugyo Publishing (November 26, 2010)