What is the Koginzashi pattern?

◆What is the definition of Kogin-zashi pattern?
If you look at the website of the Hirosaki Kogin Research Institute (the company name has been in use since 1962), which has been researching and producing "Kogin" for over 80 years, it says the following.
``About Tsugaru Koginzashi' ' The basic pattern of Koginzashi is called ``Modoko,'' and there are currently about 40 types. By skillfully combining these, larger and more beautiful geometric patterns are created.

Geometric patterns are created by skillfully combining about 40 basic patterns that honor Modoco , and are very easy to understand. I think there is a discrepancy in the common features of traditional Kogin-zashi and "original patterns". As long as tradition remains tradition, I don't think kogin-zashi will ever waver, but I once again thought that I would like to value modoko in my own kogin. I also wanted to continue to enjoy the expressions that emerge as I fill in the pieces one step at a time.

* Geometric pattern : Abstract pattern composed of straight lines and curves (Daijisen)

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