Kogin sashimi and Yamato spirit

◆Kogin-zashi and Yamato Spirits The main reasons behind the birth of Kogin-zashi are the harsh cold of the snowy country and the ban on luxury . I think that's completely true from a physical perspective, but I felt like there wasn't enough of an explanation to see if that was all there was to creating such a beautiful pattern. However, I can't say it clearly myself, and I wonder if it's difficult unless you enjoy beautiful nature or something else to enrich your soul? That's what I was thinking about.
The other day, I was listening to an audiobook while doing Koginzashi, and I found a hint to think about. Nobuko Nakano's `` no effort theory ''. It is said that during the Edo period, the common people of Edo valued play and did not see hard work as a virtue . I think the situation was different for farmers in rural Aomori, but I think farmers in Aomori also had the "free spirit" that the Yamato people have in their genes .
If my heart had been swallowed up by the filth of poverty and hard work, I don't think the beautiful and interesting Modoko would have been born. Rather, it may be that Koginzashi was a result of his ability to enjoy play, his free thinking, and his spirit and ability to create beauty. I feel like I was able to find the source of the beauty of Nikoginzashi patterns.


◆Having fun and having a lot of time When I spoke with Mr. Ishii from Koginbank the other day , what struck me was that most of the "Higashi Kogin" patterns are made to fit perfectly, which requires a lot of skill. That 's what I was told. I was excited to imagine that the Yamato spirit that enjoys the freedom was naturally present in this as well.
In addition, I've been thinking recently that a style that fits together may be a sign of one's individuality (in the sense of leaving one's name) . I've become a little more confident in my style, which allows me to enjoy coaxing things together, moving away from calculations , and not striving toward an answer.I can say that I've become a little more confident, or rather, I've lost my anxiety.
This time's thumbnail also has a matching style for the boxed parts , and the original design is used as a kit design. For the kogin in front of me, I think about the quantitative balance of fabric and thread and the color, and I continue to enjoy it as I progress. I would be happy if I could continue to enjoy this style and meet people who can share this fun even just a little.


Yamato spirit
Wisdom and talent unique to the Japanese people. Karazae, which refers to academic knowledge (Chinese studies). Yamato heart.
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