moved to America

◆I safely moved to America.
At the end of September, I moved to Washington State, USA. The production that I have been working on for nearly half a year has now been completed, so I will now resume material research and prototype book cover kit production for next summer.
That's what I thought, but I couldn't find the materials I brought with me in my hand luggage for material research. Maybe it was put in the shipping...I don't know. I'll try looking again when I've calmed down. And there wasn't enough material for the book cover prototype... I'm sure the shipping will arrive soon, so I'd like to work on it slowly.

◆About future activities As mentioned above, I would like to resume material research and share what I have noticed through my experience with Koginzashi. Also, I'm very happy that there are people who are looking forward to selling book cover kits, so I thought it would be great if I could continue to produce book covers in various sizes and sell them in Japan during my temporary return to Japan. I am. Our activities in America will be relaxed.
Thank you for your continued support.