Higashioku Gijuku Neputa

◆Higashi Ougijuku Neputa service

A hot topic has come up. At this summer's Hirosaki Neputa Festival, a Neputa will be held to mark the 150th anniversary of the founding of Tooku Gijuku . Higashi Ougijuku High School is a historic private high school located in Hirosaki City, and is also my alma mater. For many people, it is just a festival held by a private high school in Aomori Prefecture, but in fact, there are many other festivals that are said to be part of Aomori Prefecture, such as Aomori's famous sake such as Tasake and Toyosake , Tsugaru Domain Neputa Village , and many other festivals. Keio High School graduates are involved in ``Ba!'' .

◆Crowdfunding The costs involved in making Neputa on your own will be raised through crowdfunding , and there will be many interesting rewards such as the rice wine and sake cups mentioned earlier, as well as goldfish Neputa in Keio University colors. I am. I also decided to experience the Neputa Festival with my children as part of the return ticket . I have participated in Aomori City's Nebuta Festival many times as a member of Haneto, but this is my first time participating in Hirosaki Neputa, and I am really looking forward to it.
Crowdfunding has the advantage that as soon as you support it, it becomes ``your own'' and expands your interests. This year's Higashioku Gijuku Neputa Club Fan is no exception, providing a unique sense of excitement to many alumni and non-graduates alike. Thank you to all the seniors who started Kurafan.

(Satonobo's Goldfish Neputa, I tried it in Keio University colors)

◆Producing children's T-shirts for Keio University Neputa If you're going to participate with your children, you'll want to enjoy it to the fullest! So, I immediately tried making T-shirts for the children using SUZURI , a service that allows you to make original items. (Sizes range from children to adults!)
*This is an individual production not related to the high school reunion.

(I made two patterns with different sizes/back side)

◆If you would like to make a purple goldfish Neputa, please let us know.
If you would like purple thread for your Goldfish Neputa kit , please let us know! I hope everyone has a fun summer! "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa"