Book cover kit prototype

◆Book cover kit prototype I've finally finished making the first book cover (new book) prototype that I've been working on since February. When I finished the stitching, I realized that I could have improved the balance between the area of ​​the cloth and the thread, but I think this turned out to be a fun kogin embroidery design.
Regardless of whether I'm satisfied with it or not, I'm always happy when I've finished cutting it no matter what size it is, and I'm always a little hesitant about whether to make it or move on to the next prototype. This time, the design itself is not complete, so I feel strangely relieved that I have it made here, and I feel like I'll let it sit for a few years. So, I'm going to wait until it's a little more complete before I start making the design, and after this I'm going to move on to the second prototype.
The photo below is an overall photo of the first prototype. Some of these designs originally existed as modcos, while others were fitted by randomly stabbing them . The fun of kogin-zashi, which does not sew after deciding on the design, is that new patterns and movements are created by limiting the number of stitches . I spend my days kogin enjoying the joy of discovering how many patterns were created in this way. I think the kit will go on sale at the end of the year or the beginning of the new year, so please look forward to it.

(The rhythm of the stitching became a comfortable pattern.)

◆What we want to convey with this kit This book cover kit uses a box pattern that is often used in traditional Kogin-zashi. The reason is that when I experienced this pattern myself, I felt that ``The world has expanded! Koginzashi is fun!'' I hope that everyone can experience this feeling through the kit and have fun together, which is what motivates me to make the kit.
The old work Higashi Kogin below also uses this box to expand the area of ​​the sashiko. It's like a magic formula that allows you to use your mind to stitch rather than one pattern in succession, so you don't get bored easily, and yet the pattern looks more complicated than it feels when you're stitching . There are several official patterns for Kogin-zashi, so I would like to learn more about them through my future works.

(An imitation of the old Higashi Kogin work)

◆Satonobo moves on to the second act.
 The first stage of Satonobo will come to an end on June 4th . The image is that they graduate from elementary school on June 4th and enter junior high school on June 5th. Why bother? ? However, I feel that by making this break, I can free myself from inertia and move on to the next level of growth. As I was writing this, I wanted to say to myself, “Do whatever you want.” (Laughs) I think this is especially true for those who are reading this. (lol)
Actually, I have decided on a few things to do, so I will work hard on the production while also using the current book cover kit as a stimulus for production. Kogin-zashi is created while stabbing , kogin-zashi can change according to the situation , and kogin-zashi is like a living thing.With this awareness, you will enjoy kogin-zashi even more.
Thank you for your continued support.