Koginzashi kit to enjoy the season

◆A kit to enjoy the seasons Kogin kit As I mentioned in the introduction, Satonobo's Kogin sashimi kit has two courses: a skill improvement kit and a kit to enjoy the seasons. Today I would like to introduce you to an overview of kits that allow you to enjoy the seasons .

(helmet decoration kit)
◆Enjoyment is the main purpose

The kit for enjoying the seasons is designed with the assumption that even people who have never held a Koginzashi needle can enjoy it . Using the rhythm of the traditional Kogin zashi patterns, we create designs that take advantage of the ability of the modoko (basic pattern) of Kogin zashi by placing the traditional patterns next to each other or connecting them in a slightly more interesting way. I am always happy to receive messages from people saying, ``It was my first time trying Koginzashi, but I was able to finish it!''
For beginners, we are working on creating instructions as if a workshop was being held on the kit , such as explaining the order of stitching and how to dispose of the thread. Please enjoy it with peace of mind.

(Hinamatsuri 2023 kit)

◆Perfect as a gift. Many people use this Koginzashi kit as a gift to enjoy the season. After making it with all their heart, many people give it as a gift to their loved ones . Looking back, the first kit, the Doll's Festival Kogin (now sold out), was actually a gift to someone who helped me when I was a student and asked me to make it for the first festival .
I'm currently making a koinobori kogin for a friend, and just because it's a gift , the excitement of choosing the thread increases, and I wonder what kind of reaction he'll get. I feel so excited and I feel that my level of happiness during the production time is much higher .
Most of the designs are simple, so I don't think you'll have much trouble thinking, "What's going on here?" If you have a chance, please experience the special feeling of happiness when you make it as a gift.

(This piece was inspired by a Christmas or Valentine's Day gift, but one customer made it as a gift for their grandchild's first Christmas .)

◆What I want to tell you This is the same for all of the kits, but Satonobo personally checks the finished product as Koginzashi art, and creates the kit based on what he is satisfied with, including the silhouette of the pattern and the texture of the material .
I only sell items that I have used myself , so please feel free to let me know if you have any questions or concerns. I still remember vividly that I received a message saying, ``I'm doing Koginzashi by myself, so there are things I don't understand. What do you do in times like this?'' and I happily replied. Please be safe and have fun together.

(Goldfish Nebuta kitfeatured in the Aomori Prefecture newspaper To-O Nippo in July 2023. Many people make this kit as a souvenir from home or as a gift for family members who cannot return home .)

What you can experience
As for the skill improvement aspect, the design uses traditional Kogin-zashi patterns, so I think it will come as a result. More than that, you can do things like this with the Kogin-zashi pattern. I hope you will enjoy the purity and the interestingness of the patterns that are at the beginning of Koginzashi, thinking that it can change like this depending on the color scheme .

(Kogin sashimi bouquet kit)

Eventually, it will be sold on this Satonobou site. Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.