Kogin sashimi kit Tiger/Year of the Tiger

◆Kogin embroidery kit A kit to enjoy the Tiger season , this is a Kogin embroidery kit created for the Year of the Tiger in 2022. It was created with only a knotted flower pattern, so even beginners can enjoy it with confidence.
We sold it as a Year of the Tiger kit, but there were actually people who enjoyed the kit as an item for Tigers fans, and people whose families were Tigers fans who received it as a gift.
The materials are regular size cloth Tsukiya linen (hemp 252), Kensen Congress, threads Tsukiya kogin thread, handwork fan kogin thread, and DARUMA kogin thread. The mini size is not currently on sale, but the fabric is Tweigart linen, the black thread is Yuzawaya Sashiko thread, and the gradation is HOBBYRA HOBBYRE's Bokashi Sashiko thread.

(Left is Congress x handwork fan kogin thread, right is Tsukiya hemp 252 x Tsukiya kogin thread)
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 1. The only pattern I used is one tied flower, and the rest is partly moth-eaten, but the left and right sides are symmetrical, and it's a small pattern, so I think you can enjoy it easily. Since only one modoko (basic pattern) is used, I think it is perfect for practicing being aware of the current position of the needle .

(Sashiko thread on Zweigart linen)

◆Material introduction
Tsukiyama hemp 252 (hemp)
It is a linen cloth that is not as vertically long as Kogin Dwell, but it does not have equal proportions. The slight fluff that covers the cloth creates a rustic atmosphere. The thickness of the thread is just right, and even though it's full, it's not too tight, so I think it's easy to sew.
There are various reasons for this, such as the aging of the industry and the aging of weaving machines, but it may also be a good idea to be aware of the difficulty of obtaining cloth, which takes years to arrive.

Kensen Congress
This is an affordable kogin cloth that has equal proportions in length and width. The tiger pattern seems to spread out, creating a dynamic atmosphere. I think it goes well with all threads such as Tsukiya Kogin thread, Handiwork Fan Kogin thread, and DARUMA Kogin thread, and is easy to stitch.

Tweigart Dublin
: Mini Size Tiger
 German linen with equal proportions. Although it is a 25 count (10 stitches/cm) and a finer cloth than Congress (7 stitches/cm), there is no fuzz and the threads move appropriately, so you can use it with a kogin needle without any problems. It is also a fabric that is often used for making accessories.

Tsukiya Kogin Thread This is a high quality kogin thread that you should try once. There are 10-piece combinations and 8-piece combinations, but this one uses 8-piece combinations. The luster of the thread, the density of the thread, and the durability are all perfect. Seeing is believing, so give it a try.

Handmade fan hand-dyed kogin thread
Kogin thread for handwork enthusiasts, Tsukiya's linen fabric, and congress fabric are both safe and comfortable. The matte texture gives it a casual look, so it is also recommended as a baby gift or as a gift for someone who supports the Tigers baseball team.

As of 2023, DARUMA Kogin thread color variations are only 11 colors including unbleached, which is not that many, but it is a nice Kogin thread that is wrapped in card so you can start using it right away. Because the colors are strong and there are few ambiguous colors, I think that it is easy to lose or win when combining multiple colors, but when used as a single color, it is recommended because its strength makes it stronger than kogin cloth. It is a kogin thread with a matte texture that contains air, and the thread is not very strong, so if you insert it incorrectly and pull it out, the thread may break, so I think it is better not to prepare the thread for too long when using it. Masu.

Yuzawaya Sashiko Thread
: Black Thread I've only used it here, so I don't have a good impression of it, but I felt that it was a thread that was relatively easy to stitch with as a hook.

Hobby La Hobby Sashiko Thread : Gradient Thread
I thought it would be great to have such a cute thread as a baby shower gift, so I tried sewing on it, but it was a strong thread with a bit of squeakiness, and I felt it was the opposite of the softness of Olympus' sashiko thread. Ta. The kit was shelved as the Year of the Tiger progressed rapidly.

(Left: Tsukiyakoginfu, Right: Zweigart)

◆What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Enjoy embroidery with the traditional Kogin sashimi pattern⚪︎Cut out the modoko as if you were drawing a picture⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Hemp 252 and Congress⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Tsukiya Kogin thread, hand-dyed Kogin thread, and DARUMA Kogin thread ⚪︎Celebrate the Year of the Tiger with Kogin sashimi and support the Tigers ⚪︎Make it as a gift with your heartfelt feelings⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)

(I also made a Kogin kagami mochi in the upper right corner to celebrate the Year of the Tiger! LOL)

◆Production secrets Although the design area was small, the curve was the key, so the road to completion was longer than I expected, and I made five or six prototypes. Since it was small, the prototype went smoothly, but even though I started making it for a change of pace , I had to wait for the work in progress to focus on this kit, and I was very happy when it was completed. "I'm looking forward to the Koginzashi zodiac series," said a customer who purchased the kit with words of encouragement. Let's do our best in the Year of the Rabbit! That's what I thought, but I couldn't come up with a better rabbit motif than I had imagined, so I thought maybe I'd try again in 12 years. I'm in a daze. Now that I'm thinking about it, the tiger might be the easiest (lol)
On a personal note, I myself am a Year of the Tiger, and my name after marriage will have a tiger in it, so I put a lot of effort into creating Tora Kogin.

(It's still a little distorted, but this is the first prototype that I was motivated to make because I thought it was cute!)

◆Kogin embroidery kit Tiger/Year of the Tiger Sales link
⚪︎Click here for the pattern, fabric and thread set
⚪︎Click here for full set (hoop frame)

⚪︎Click here for the full set (square embroidery frame)

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.