Kogin sashimi kit 2

◆Skill up kit 2
Continuing from the previous blog , I would like to introduce the skill improvement kit. As we mentioned that Kit 1 was recently created, this is actually the first Skill Up Kit .

◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 2. The thread difficulty may be 3.
A small accumulation and a little push? It is completed with , so even first-time users can enjoy it with confidence. I think that the part that goes diagonally will go much faster if you keep in mind the divisions in the pattern. It's okay to go slowly, one color at a time.

◆Material introduction
Congress (cotton cloth)
Since the weaving threads are difficult to move, the stitching feels stiff. I think it's rare for someone to stab the wrong step. I feel that pilling is less likely to occur when making items that are subject to a lot of rubbing, such as bags.

Although it is glossy and comes in a wide variety of colors, it gives the impression of a calm atmosphere, making it easy to use even when using multiple colors. As it is a system that allows you to pull out the number of threads you want to use in the same way as regular embroidery thread, it is very loosely twisted and is not recommended if you prefer threads with a strong twist. It often appears in Satonobo's kits, but I am fascinated by the texture that can only be expressed with Olympas' kogin thread. Personally, I do not pull the threads together like I do with embroidery threads, but I try to hold down the base of the thread and pull it out gently so that the thread bulges evenly.

◆What you can experience (= How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Stab a single large modoko (basic pattern) ⚪︎Place modoko with the same pattern diagonally next to each other ⚪︎Stab a pattern of continuous small modoko diagonally ⚪︎Stab a pattern of continuous medium-sized modoko diagonally ⚪︎Continuous modoko Stitch diagonally with the pattern and thread flow in the same unit⚪︎Enjoy the diagonal pattern by combining two types of modoko⚪︎Enjoy the color combinations⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Congress (100% cotton) cloth⚪︎Olympus yarn kogin thread Learn about the characteristics of ⚪︎Know that ironing will make your work look neat ⚪︎Know the joy of seeing it every day when you display it in your room⚪︎ (Please feel free to add your experience)

◆Birth secret story
 This kit was designed based on the work in the photo above that was created in March 2018. At that time, I had only been practicing Koginzashi for a year, and I was truly a beginner. If I had fun designing something like that, wouldn't even beginners be able to enjoy it without stopping? That's how I created this idea.
From this point on, I began to enjoy the fun of combining patterns even more, and came to understand the power of traditional patterns (patterns that at first glance look different, but when placed next to each other, they come together smoothly).

◆Kogin sashimi kit 2 sales link ⚪︎Click here for the design and cloth set
⚪︎Click here for the pattern, fabric and thread set

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.