Kogin sashimi kit 5

◆Skill up kit 5
This is a sister kit to Kit 4 . This is a design in which the center pattern is surrounded by surrounding patterns. It was created with the concept of "infinite expanse" in mind. Perhaps because my son often talked about celestial bodies, one color scheme was reminiscent of a black hole or the universe.
This time, it is a combination of DARUMA kogin thread that will appear for the first time in Azabu's kogin dwell .

◆Difficulty level and points
The difficulty level is 3. The design is centered around a diamond shape with a Koginzashi feel, and although the surrounding pattern sticks out, I think it's easy to work on ( it's easy to mentally recognize where the needle is ). This time, we have two types of designs: one cut out vertically and one cut out horizontally. Don't you think that if it's vertically oriented, you'll feel sharp and firm, and if it's horizontally oriented, you'll feel calmer? (Maybe it's a color scheme issue?!) I hope you enjoy those parts as well. I would like to enjoy a little difference.

The patterns used here are mainly those that appear in Kit 1 (0) to Kit 4. For those who have continued to come, I think you will notice that you have improved, such as being able to stitch without looking at the pattern.

◆Material introduction
Tsugaru Kobosha Kogin Dwell (Azabu)
The pattern will be vertical. Preferences vary because the weaving thread fluctuates, but I personally find it easier to embroider in that area. I believe that if you play the thread as if playing a stringed instrument, you will be able to thread the thread without breaking it. The sample uses Uguisu color and Kiri, but it seems that Uguisu color will not be reproduced as of April 2023.

DARUMA Kogin thread

It's wrapped in a card, so you don't have to prepare anything to start using it, which is nice. As of April 2023, it is available in 9 colors, including unbleached and colored yarn. The strong color gives the impression that it dominates the fabric and comes out to the front, so I think using a single color rather than matching colors brings out the best of the yarn. In addition, the thread contains air and is twisted appropriately, making it easy to use even for first-time users. However, if you make a mistake and pull it out, the strength of the thread will decrease and it will break easily, so if you make a small stitch and use new thread if you make a mistake, you will be able to create a piece with a better texture. These are my impressions based on Satonobo's stabbing habits and skills, so please try it out and see if it's compatible with you.

What you can experience (= How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Experience how Kogin-zashi becomes larger by layering the surrounding patterns ⚪︎Enjoy the surrounding patterns that combine multiple modoko ⚪︎Enjoy the combination of colors ⚪︎Enjoy how the impression changes depending on how you cut out the design ⚪︎Azabu ( ⚪︎Know the characteristics of DARUMA kogin thread⚪︎Know that you can iron your work to make it look neat ⚪︎Know that when you hang it in your room, you can't help but look at the kogin embroidery and become happy ⚪︎You have more drawers to design Learn what happened ⚪︎ (Please add your experience)

◆I was thinking about the birth secret design while making Kit 4, and the color scheme was based on the work above. I gave birth to my second son in the spring of 2020, and when my second son was 0 years old, I called it `` Let's try kogin sashimi '' and did some kogin embroidery on the leftover cloth I had on hand, and then tied the cloth with thread. I had fun filling it in and sewing patterns that came to my mind that I wanted to try. This is what I wanted at that time, and I used the same color scheme that received a lot more reaction than the average reaction on Instagram at the time. (Laughs) I remember being surprised because Daruma's kogin thread had few color options, and this was the only color scheme I could come up with. I don't want to create things that are limited by the reactions of those around me, but I can learn a lot from everyone's reactions. Please continue to tell us what you find interesting and what you notice about the kits!
We also made T-shirts for the children with Kogin-zashi designs printed on them. I have fond memories of how much people liked this.

◆Kogin sashimi kit 5 sales link ⚪︎Click here for the design and cloth set
⚪︎Click here for the pattern, fabric and thread set

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.