Kogin sashimi kit 7

◆Skill up kit 7
Kit 7 is fun to compare with Kit 6. Just like Kit 6 , you can experience how small changes in a simple design can change the world of expression . The cloth is DARUMA Kogin cloth , which is appearing for the first time. Kits 6 and 7, the fabrics are different, but the threads are both made by handwork fans . Please enjoy the difference in stitching comfort depending on the cloth.
In the photo below, the left one is Kit 6 (Kogin Dwell) and the right one is Kit 7 (DARUMA Kogin Cloth).

◆Difficulty level and points

The difficulty level is 3. You may find the connecting parts of the pattern to be a little more difficult than Kit 6, but I think it will be fun once you get used to it.
Like Kit 6, it consists of two simple patterns , and since the same movements continue for a certain period of time, it can also be used to practice hand movement . In the kit manual, we explain how to connect the patterns and explain the difference in appearance when the center position of the pattern is shifted.

◆Material introduction
DARUMA Koginfu (Azabu)
The pattern is vertically long, but the sharpness of the diamond shape is gentler than that of Kogin Dwell. The stitching sensation is similar to Zweigart linen , and I think the threads are flat. If each thread of Kogin Dwell sways, it feels like the surface is swaying. The thread is thick, so be careful not to break it with the needle.
Below are DARUMA (left/top) and Kogin Duel (right/bottom). (I put tape on it to make it the same length.) If you look closely, don't you feel that the difference in stitching comfort is hidden in the weaving thread ? I will do a thorough comparison of the materials later, but I hope you can enjoy the differences in materials with the kit.

In the photo below, the one on the left is Zweigart Dublin and the one on the right is DARUMA Koginfu. It's fun just looking at the ingredients. Do you see any differences or similarities?

Handmade fan hand-dyed kogin thread
The step-dyed yarn for handwork fans is also fun, so please enjoy it to the fullest. Compared to Tsugaru Kobosha's gradation kogin thread, Handiwork Fan's tiered dyed thread pitch gives a more distant impression, and is recommended for those who want to enjoy a wider side . Please let us know your recommended uses!

What you can experience (= How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Enjoy the continuous pattern⚪︎Experience connecting two strip-shaped modoko vertically⚪︎Enjoy the step-dyed kogin thread of a handiwork fan⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of DARUMA kogin cloth⚪︎Learn that ironing will make the work neat ⚪︎ Give a theme to the color expression and enjoy admiring the finished product⚪︎Know that there are more drawers to design⚪︎ (Please feel free to add your experiences)

◆Birth secret story
Just like last time , it was born from the time when I decided to try ``Kogin-zashi'' . Sitting there is a craft doll that is popular as a souvenir from the Czech Republic. We sell a variety of styles, including hanging styles. I remember that at a friend's house in the Czech Republic, they would sit in a position where they could only see them when they were going down the stairs, and they would use them as if they were fairies, and I remember being soothed by them.

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Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.