Kogin sashimi kit bouquet

◆Koginzashi Kit Bouquet Introducing the Koginzashi Bouquet Kit , which is also recommended as a gift for Mother's Day. It's one of the Koginzashi kits that lets you enjoy the season , but it's perfect for this season! Rather, it is a kit that you can enjoy by expressing seasonal flowers through the color scheme . There are many occasions to send flowers, such as birthdays , Mother's Day , Father's Day , and Respect for the Aged Day. Please feel like you are making a bouquet and enjoy it while thinking of your loved one.
The fabric is Congress or Kogin Duel, and the thread is Olympas or Handwork Fan.

(The one on the left is Olympus Kogin thread for Congress, and the one on the right is Handwork Fan Kogin thread for Kogin Duel)
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 2. Only one type of modco is used! By overlapping them, we created a bouquet-like layer. This design is recommended for beginners, and even people who started Koginzashi for 3 months said, ``It was really fun!'' We also explain the order of stabbing, so please enjoy with confidence.

(A bouquet expressing the delicious taste of autumn)

◆Material introduction
Congress (cotton cloth) red cloth, matcha brown cloth A sturdy cloth with a pattern that is proportionate in length and breadth, making it difficult for the threads to move. There are some tricks to stitching with Olympus thread (such as pulling the thread out slowly), but the color and texture are perfect for expressing flowers. Please enjoy each Modoko one at a time.

Tsugaru Kobosha Kogin Dwell (Azabu) navy blue cloth
This is a kogin cloth made of linen material with a vertical pattern. It may be confusing until you get used to the weaving thread as it sways, but I think you will get used to it as you sew.

Handmade fan hand-dyed kogin thread
: navy blue work
A fluffy and smooth kogin thread that goes well with any fabric. The matte texture is perfect for creating casual pieces.

Olympus thread kogin thread : red cloth, matcha brown cloth work
 It is a sweetly twisted thread that is used in a row and has an exquisite balance of luster and matteness. I think it is perfect for expressing flowers.
I don't use them in a straight line, and I try to at least maintain a loose twist.

(You can also put it in a hoop)
◆What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi )
⚪︎Enjoy the seasons with Koginzashi⚪︎Experience the range and fun of expression with a single modoko⚪︎Enjoy expression through color combinations⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Congress
⚪︎Know the characteristics of Kogin Dwell⚪︎Know the characteristics of Kogin thread for handwork fans
⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Olympus Kogin thread
⚪︎Experience the joy of making Koginzashi on a gift⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)
◆Secret story behind the creation The work pictured below was given to my grandmother as a sympathy flower when she was hospitalized due to illness. When I saw my grandmother, who was surrounded by nature as a farmer and enjoyed gardening at home, looking expressionless in a bleak hospital room, I initially thought of sending her the flowers she had tended. However, this was difficult, so I chose the colors based on the colors of the flowers my grandmother grew, and created a kogin bouquet that would not wither .
When I gave him the finished product, he immediately displayed it where he could see it from his bed, and it sparked a lively conversation with the nurse. I have memories of how happy I was to see my smile return.
I hope you all have fun choosing fabrics and threads as you would choose flowers .

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Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.