Kogin sashimi kit carp streamer 2023/continued

◆Koginzashi Kit Carp Streamer 2023 - Continued We would like to sincerely thank you for your continuous orders for next year's Koinobori Kit 2023 , which will be on sale on May 5, 2023, Children's Day. thank you.
Since I don't know if they will be doing sales activities next year, I decided to introduce them at this timing. We will notify you again regarding sales holidays.

(Completed form)
◆The path to completion

The photo above is the completed version of this kit. last blog  However, compared to the first generation work I introduced below, I think you can feel the growth. My method for embroidering Kogin embroidery using Modoko is as follows.
① Draw a picture (outer frame) on the cloth with a disappearing pen ② Fit the pattern appropriately ③ Repeat the corrections
(For kits, follow this)
④ Create a design ⑤ Adjust the shape of the design and work (so that even beginners can enjoy it)
⑥ Look at the completed design, stitch it, and confirm that there are no discrepancies in the design before continuing.

(Image drawing and prototype No. 1)

It's obvious that the first work will be interesting (it will have a strange shape), and everything starts with the stabbing, so I'm proceeding with the design with the motto of "trying the stabbing first ." I don't think I would be able to come across this dried sardine -like shape if I started creating the design . Everything about kogin-zashi, including the uncool shape, is part of the fun of kogin-zashi.

◆What's amazing about the traditional Koginzashi pattern? This time, the carp streamers are made up of three carp streamers. Large, medium and small sizes all have different patterns . Each piece is shaped using the design that was randomly embroidered in the first work, but can you feel the sense of unity in the parts where the patterns are cut (the curved parts)?
Most traditional patterns of Kogin-zashi have a rule of picking up an odd number of warp threads with the needle (and thread), resulting in a similar diamond shape, although the size is different. By taking advantage of this ability to form similar diamond shapes and incorporating rules into irregularities such as curves, the shape like this one is completed. I don't understand what you're saying, but I'll let you know once I'm able to express it better.


◆Characteristics of cloth and thread
The fabric is Tsugaru Kobosha Kogin Duel (Japanese silver color) or Tsugaru (weft is white, warp is ecru), and the thread is hand-dyed Kogin thread from Handiwork Fan in all works.
⚪︎Features of Kogin Dwell Warbler Color When you look at the cloth alone, you get the impression that it has a certain color, but when the thread is placed on top of the cloth, it's probably more subtle than you might imagine, and it doesn't bother the thread, but instead brings out the thread. I think this is a color that has great ability as a behind-the-scenes person. Please enjoy the color of the fabric through the kit.
*Unfortunately, the Uguisu color is currently sold out and there are no plans to resell it. Even my kit will be discontinued as soon as the fabric runs out.

⚪︎Characteristics of Tsugaru ecru × white color Until this cloth was sold, I used Kogin Dwell's ecru material in these situations, but now I have switched to Tsugaru. Although the price of the cloth is slightly higher, it has a different brightness when you look at it at first glance, and in a celebration kit like this one, this brightness adds a touch of beauty to the work, making it a very useful cloth.

⚪︎Characteristics of hand-dyed kogin thread for fans of handicraftsI have used almost every color of the kogin thread that I love. Available in a wide variety of colors and with different nuances, this thread is recommended for those who want to enjoy color schemes like painting. Occasionally, there is a 1mm curl in the thread, but I either adjust the twist myself or turn it to the other side.
It seems that they use reliable thread from a major manufacturer (according to the person), and I feel that it is a thread that can be used with any fabric, whether it's Congress, linen, Koginbank's fabric, or DARUMA's fabric, without any stress. .

(Kit ⑨ and carp streamer 2023 kit)

◆Color Theme This time too, we assigned a theme to each carp streamer and selected the colors. For example, the color of the piece above was chosen as a present for a childhood friend. My childhood friend is the eldest of three sisters and is currently raising two boys. She is a lovely person with beautiful words, and looks good in white clothes. This is a rough idea, but if you have an idea of ​​what you're giving as a gift, choosing the thread will be much more fun, and at the same time, you'll feel happier .
I enjoy choosing the colors, thinking that Koginzashi would be perfect for those who are not raising children, those who don't have boys, and those in various situations who can purely enjoy the season .

(Grape, melon, and peach carp streamers, refreshing carp streamers, cool carp streamers in primary colors, and carp streamers swimming in the wind with tiered dyed thread)

◆About the frame
This kit allows you to choose between Olympus' stylish hoop and APJ's stain frame .
⚪︎Stain frame
Recently, we have been out of stock and it has become difficult to provide products according to schedule, so we will be discontinuing this product while supplies last. I have been using this frame myself for several years before I started selling kits, and I feel confident in using it because the people at the counter when making inquiries are kind, and the quality is domestically made and perfect for gifts. I also like that it can be hung on the wall or propped up.

⚪︎Olimpus Stylish Hoop Koginzashi Most of the patterns are angular, so I always find it interesting that when you put it in a frame without corners, it creates a soft impression that instantly creates gaps in the pattern. I feel it. It takes some force to put the kogin cloth on, but if you stick the adhesive firmly and slowly put it on, I think it will fit nicely.
I have the opportunity to speak directly with the Olympus Kaori staff at events and other occasions, and to inquire about products, and everyone is friendly and welcoming, and I personally like the company.

◆Kogin sashimi kit carp streamer 2023 sales link

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.