Kogin sashimi kit Hinamatsuri 2021

◆Kogin sashimi kit Hinamatsuri 2021
The Hinamatsuri Kit 2021 was the inspiration for me to create a Koginzashi kit to enjoy the season . This design was not on sale for a while, but we have resumed selling it with this blog. The cloth is Congress, and the kogin thread is Olimpas.

(Olimpas's kogin thread has an excellent balance of gorgeousness and cuteness)
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 1. The thread may be a little difficult to handle, but the design itself is designed with respect for traditional patterns, and I think even those trying Koginzashi for the first time will enjoy it . People who actually started Koginzashi at the workshop enjoyed this as their second work. The instruction manual also explains how to proceed with the stitching, so please enjoy it with confidence.

(Color scheme with threads swapped from above)

◆Material introduction
Kensen Congress (100% cotton)
What I always call Congress is the domestically produced Congress, which is printed by Inu-Ogi. The pink one in the photo has been discontinued, and the end of stock at Satonobo is in sight. It's a shame because this gentle pink color was so lovely, but I want to appreciate the fabric and enjoy it.

Olympus Kogin Thread Olympus Kogin Thread is said to be a kogin thread that easily falls apart for those who are used to other tightly twisted kogin threads called kogin threads. In fact, that is exactly what it says, and even as of 2023, it is possible to take out and use as many threads as you actually need, so it can be said that it is a thread that can be used for fine-grained fabrics.
I am also in a position where I have trouble with the thread coming apart, but when sewing on a congress thread, I hold the base of the thread and slowly pull the thread (needle) out of the fabric , which prevents the air from coming out of the thread and creates a soft expression. I feel like I can keep it. I used Olympus's kogin thread for this work because I think it has a cuteness and texture that can only be expressed .

(Perhaps this piece is often paired with a white frame, perhaps because it gives it the feel of the first annual festival.)
◆What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Enjoy combining traditional Kogin-zashi patterns ⚪︎Enjoy the season with Kogin-zashi ⚪︎Enjoy expressions through color combinations⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Kensen Congress
⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Olympus Kogin thread
⚪︎Experience the joy of making Koginzashi on a gift⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)

(Parent of Satonobo Kit)

◆ Secret Story of Production Koginzashi Kit 2021 was born as a gift from someone I admired at my part-time job during my university days who asked me to make a Koginzashi doll for the New Year's festival . In reality, the request included a lot of kindness in supporting my activities . I learned of the birth of the baby after a long time of contacting her, and I remember her replying with great joy, ``I'll leave everything to you!'' I was shown the Doll's Festival decorations that would be displayed together, and the color scheme and design were completed while considering the overall balance.
After that, someone who saw this finished product asked me if I could make a design for it, so I started trying my hand at making kits. The person who requested the design was someone who had started Koginzashi at the workshop, so I redesigned the design to make it more enjoyable for people who have just started Koginzashi , and the kit work was completed.
This means that he is the creator of Satonobo's Koginzashi kit . The connections I made when I was a student more than 10 years ago became the trigger for me to turn on my current focus on making kits, and the connections I made at the workshop led me to actually start making kits... I am once again realizing that this is something that will greatly change your life.
For other ribbons, book cover kits, etc., requests come not from me, but from people I help with on SNS, etc. Please feel free to let us know. Let's have a fun Kogin time together!

(The second plan at that time will evolve into Kit 2022...)

◆Kogin sashimi kit Hinamatsuri 2021 sales link
⚪︎Click here for the design and cloth set
⚪︎Click here for the pattern, fabric and thread set
⚪︎Click here for the full set

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.

◆Reference Olympus Kogin thread introduction page (https://www.olympus-thread.com/lineup/kogin/1452/ May 12, 2023)