About Koginzashi kit design sales

◆We are considering selling only the designs. Have you sold only the designs several times in the past? I once received a question. The answer is, "We are not currently selling it, but we are considering it."
The impetus for creating the kit was the feedback from the beginners who participated in the workshop. Therefore, we have decided to sell a `` full set '' (set other than the kogin needle) that includes all the materials you want. After that, we thought that the frame could be used by replacing the kogin, so we created a `` design, cloth, and thread set'' (a set that does not include the frame and kogin needles), and at the end, a person who participated in the workshop asked us to sell just the design and cloth. Upon request, we began selling a `` design and fabric set'' (a set that does not include a frame, kogin needle, or thread), and have settled on our current sales style.


◆ The silhouette of the design changes depending on the fabric
In addition to the fineness of the stitches, the fabrics used for kogin embroidery vary depending on the manufacturer, ranging from geometrical aspect ratios to vertically long and vertically long ones, and of course the fabric you choose will greatly affect the finished product.
For both kits, the cloth is selected according to the image (the shape of the design changes depending on the cloth, and the image of the finished product also changes ) . This is a Nokogin art kit. So, at least let me share the same silhouette as the first finished product. Of course, for those who ordered the kit, I hope you will be able to enjoy using your own fabric from the second work onwards!

◆We would like to enjoy the differences in materials together.

We are planning to compare materials , so I hope this information will be helpful to those who have had a chance to participate in workshops or kits. In the future, we would like to be able to sell only the designs, so we will notify you once we are ready.