Koginzashi starter kit

◆Satonobo's Koginzashi Kit In the previous blog , I wrote about the overview of Satonobo's Koginzashi Kit. Starting today, I would like to explain the purpose and characteristics of each kit. Today's theme is the Koginzashi Starter Kit (Kit 0), which, as the name suggests, is a kit for those who are just starting Koginzashi.

◆Contents of Koginzashi Starter Kit
①Types of designs and how to read them
②Introduction to cloth and thread
③Preparation of cloth
④ Thread the needle
⑥ Thread disposal
⑦ How to return if you make a mistake
⑨Basic procedure for Kogin-zashi
⑩ Tips for dealing with designs, explanation of kit designs * For those who understand the basics, we also sell a version with no explanations.

(As you can see in the photo above, we conducted a lot of testing when creating the kit.)

◆For both first-time users and experienced users This kit was completed almost three years after we started selling the kit. There are many Koginzashi texts in the world, including the one I used, so you don't have to create your own in the beginning! That's what I thought. However, as the number of people who started enjoying the kit increased, I started receiving messages such as ``What do you do in times like this?'' and ``Do you have a trial kit for beginners ?'' Let's summarize the questions and things you wanted to know! So I started making it .

I learned that there are many different types of thread and cloth (I didn't know this until a while after I started doing Kogin embroidery), that there are multiple designs, and learned that there are many ways to end the thread, and that I learned how to avoid stitching mistakes. I created the starter kit with the idea that you can relax and enjoy Koginzashi, including the fact that it's up to you whether you consider it a mistake or a taste.
For first-timers, it may be better not to have too many explanations. That's what I thought, but let's have fun with patterns using various approaches! With that in mind, I made a lot of them . While I was making Koginzashi, I realized that this is what the story about the starter kit was all about ! I look forward to hearing the same sentiments. Please let me know by sending me a message at that time.

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