Japan Folk Crafts Museum Exhibition: Semi-selected

◆Japan Folk Crafts Museum Exhibition: Semi-selected
From 12/10 to 12/24, Japan Folk Crafts Museum Exhibition -2023 New Craft Public Exhibition- is being held. I created the kogin embroidery part of the kogin embroidery blanket exhibited by koginbank, and was selected as a runner-up . Semi-winning works will be exhibited and sold immediately.
Admission is by reservation only, so please complete the necessary procedures before heading out.

(This is a photo taken before shipping. It is in a state before it is tailored.)

◆ Regarding the handling of works at the venue
A friend of mine came over right away and enjoyed my work as well. The artwork is said to be in a case, but if you ask a staff member in the exhibition hall, you will be able to pick it up. They will also help you enjoy the work by unfolding it or turning it on its back, so even if you go alone you can enjoy it with peace of mind .

(This is the front. I think the width was about 90cm and the length was just under 190cm.)

◆Kogin seen in America and Kogin seen in Japan Apparently photography is not allowed at the Japanese Folk Crafts Museum, but when my friend talked to the staff, she specially allowed me to take a photo of my work, and she sent me the photo. . I had never been to the venue (this was the first time I learned about the Japan Folk Crafts Museum and the Japan Folk Crafts Museum exhibition), so I had no idea what kind of atmosphere the work would be in. It was helpful.
What surprised me was that my impression of the work had changed, as it was much calmer and more attuned to the atmosphere than the work I had seen in America . Actually, nothing has changed except for the surrounding fringe, but I felt relieved that the Japanese-made materials had settled into their place. It may just be my own mental state of being relieved that it was completed successfully (lol), but I hope those who are going to the venue can enjoy that as well.

(Back side. The blanket is made of cotton with kogin embroidery using indigo-dyed thread, and is soft to the touch.)

◆Kogin-zashi is a joy in a difficult life This time, I will not write information about the work or the secret behind its production, but I will tell you about the things I tried to do when making it, and how I designed it without a pattern . I hope to be able to share with you what I learned and discovered through the production. Koginzashi is not difficult, it is fun, and it is very flexible, and I felt that with my whole body. This experience made me think about the joy that came in the midst of a harsh life , and how Koginzashi must have been an irreplaceable item that soothed the souls of people back then.
We will also report on this.

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