Kogin sashimi kit 4

◆Skill up kit 4
From this time on, multiple fabrics will appear in one kit. I hope you prioritize your tastes and interests . This time, you can choose Kogin Dwell made of linen cloth or Congress made of cotton cloth.

◆Difficulty level and points

The difficulty level is 3. This is an extension of Kit 2 and Kit 3 that incorporates the essence of old Kogin, but the design has been designed to increase the number of drawers in the continuous pattern that Kit 3 did not have. What I used as a reference is the intersection of the boxed patterns shown in the X of the work imitating Higashi Kogin above. The center of Koginzashi is often a diamond shape, but if you study the intersections as well, I think it will be deeper and expand the range of expression. Please enjoy the kit and try designing the patterns that come with it. Also, after you have enjoyed dividing the colors, please try using a single color. Once you understand the current location of the pattern, I think it will be a lot of fun to compose multiple patterns and do Koginzashi!

◆Material introduction
Tsugaru Kobosha Kogin Dwell (Azabu)
The pattern will be vertical. There is a fluctuation in the weaving thread, and I personally find it easier to embroider in that area. I believe that if you sew as if flipping the thread, you will be able to sew without breaking the thread. There were various colors, but the situation seems to change, so please check Tsugaru Kobosha's SNS etc.

Congress (cotton cloth) natural frame work
The pattern will be in equal proportions. The weaving threads are difficult to move and the stitching feels stiff, but for handwork fans, the threads pass through easily, so I think you can enjoy it stress-free. Recently, Color Congress has been going out of print. Times seem to be changing.

Handmade fan hand-dyed kogin thread
All color schemes use kogin thread from Handiwork Fan. The matte texture gives it a casual look. The coloring is not too strong, and when you enjoy using multiple colors, the threads blend well together without fighting each other. I recommend him because of his affordable price range, but I also love his personality. (I have asked many times to have my hair dyed.)

What you can experience (= How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Experience the left and right corners of the surrounding pattern ⚪︎Experience the top of the surrounding pattern ⚪︎Enjoy the diagonal pattern that combines two types of modoko ⚪︎Enjoy the color combination ⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Azabu (Kogin Dwell) ⚪︎Congress Learn about the characteristics of ⚪︎Handwork fans Learn about the characteristics of Kogin thread⚪︎Know that ironing will make your work look neat ⚪︎Learn the joy of displaying it in your room and end up looking at it every day⚪︎Know that you have more drawers to design⚪︎( Please feel free to add your own experiences)

Koginzashi Kit 4 Sales link
⚪︎Click here for the design and cloth set
⚪︎Click here for the pattern, fabric and thread set

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.