Koginzashi Kit Book Cover 2 (Paperback)

◆Koginzashi Kit Book Cover 2 (Paperback)
Book Cover 1 had a design with the center of gravity in the center , giving the impression of overlapping, but Book Cover 2 had a design with an unknown center of gravity (which seems to continue), giving the impression of overlapping. In order to increase the level of happiness during reading time, we have applied kogin-zashi to the areas that are touched by hands while reading. The calm softness and warmth of koginbank's cloth gently envelops the book.
The cloth is koginbank original kogin cloth, the thread is hand-dyed kogin thread, and the thickness is adjustable. It may seem a little difficult, but you can progress one color at a time, so you can enjoy it in your free time.
This work was also selected as a return gift for koginbank's crowdfunding campaign .

(The gentle kogin thread is laid on the gentle cloth in a gentle pattern with irregularities.)
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 2. The composition and perspective of the pattern are clearly explained in the kit's instructions, so I think it will become more fun once you can see where you are and the rhythm of the pattern's repetition . I didn't like this pattern for a while, but after stitching several times, I started to see the rhythm of the pattern and it became much easier. No matter what the situation is, I think there are moments like this where you can open up , so please don't rush and enjoy it.
As for tailoring, I have created a detailed instruction manual with lots of photos from my point of view, as I am not particularly good at tailoring, so as not to fall into any pitfalls. Please rest assured that we have received happy feedback from people who have successfully completed the project, such as, ``I was worried about whether it would be completed, but after reading the instructions, it was completed successfully!''
Regarding the thickness of the lining fabric and adhesive interlining, we repeatedly produced prototypes with various combinations, confirmed the usability, and sold them as kits.

(Appearance after about 3 months of use *Sewing is a prototype and may differ from the kit)

◆Material introduction
kognbank original kogin cloth (cotton)
This is a kogin cloth made of cotton material with a slightly vertical pattern. This book cover will be tailored using the width of the cloth, which is a flexible cloth that will teach you what ``threading '' is. No matter how hard you try, the colors give off a calming atmosphere, and the material itself fulfills the role of a book cover. The kogin thread used by handwork fans not only has a good stitching quality, but also a perfect match in color.

Handmade fan hand-dyed kogin thread

The yarn has a casual and gentle feel with no corners, so it goes perfectly with koginbank's fabrics. Each thread has a gentle texture and does not have a unique texture, making it ideal for works that use multiple colors. It is also recommended that it is easy to stitch on any fabric.

(I would like to enjoy the combination of not only the front but also the lining fabric and tape.)

◆What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Enjoy the traditional patterns of Kogin sashimi by layering them in different sizes⚪︎Enjoy the layered designs⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of koginbank original kogin cloth⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of hand-dyed kogin thread for fans of handwork⚪︎Happiness during reading time Make a Koginzashi work to give as a gift ⚪︎ Try making it with your feelings as a gift ⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)

(One of the return gifts for fans)

◆Production secrets
I made 5 items as return gifts for koginbank's crowdfunding, and about 7 prototypes, but unlike usual, I had a deadline, and I worked so hard that I ended up straining my neck (acute cervical sprain) for the first time. I thought I had slept badly, but it didn't get better even after 3 days, so I went to the hospital. I felt better immediately after receiving medicine, but the pain and inconvenience I had never experienced made me feel mentally uneasy for the first time in a while. Is this a different story from the production secrets? (Laughs) I haven't had any pain since then, so I think it was because of the strength in my shoulders. Everyone, please enjoy Koginzashi while putting your health first.

(Everything about the prototype. Be sure to check the size and placement of the pattern by pricking it.)

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Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.