Kogin sashimi kit carp streamer 2023

◆Kogin sashimi kit carp streamer 2023
Tomorrow is finally Children's Day. Yesterday we introduced the Koinobori Kit 2021 , a Koginzashi kit to enjoy the season . Today, I would like to introduce Koinobori 2023 , which was created in response to my 6-year-old son's request to make a carp streamer that looks like a carp streamer . The fabric is Kogin Duel or Tsugaru from Tsugaru Kobosha, and the thread is Kogin thread from Handiwork Fan.
It is scheduled to go on sale on Children's Day. Enjoy your time and look forward to next year.

(Prototype 2)
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 2. It may seem more difficult than Koinobori 2021 because the arrangement of modoko (basic patterns) is not regular, but we have prepared color patterns for each modoko , and a manual with plenty of explanations such as the recommended order of pricking. I made it. Please enjoy it with peace of mind. It will also help you practice being aware of the current position of the needle , so I think it will also contribute to developing the way you perceive patterns when enjoying classical works.

(Prototype 3, which is approaching the ideal)

◆Material introduction
Tsugaru Kobosha Kogin Duel/Tsugaru (Azabu)
Duel, which has a single color weaving thread, and Tsugaru, which has different weaving threads on the warp and side, have the same stitching feel, but the color atmosphere and price are different. Also, with Tsugaru, the colors of the weaving threads on the warp and horizontal sides are different, so even if you tend to misplace the rows due to fluctuations in the weaving threads, the colors of the weaving threads will act as auxiliary lines (like marks), making it less likely that you will make mistakes in the rows . I always feel that the green-colored Kogin Dwell is wonderful because it respects the thread color more than I imagined and has an exquisite color that doesn't stand out.

Handmade fan hand-dyed kogin thread
A fluffy and smooth kogin thread that goes well with any fabric, including this one. Since it comes in a wide variety of colors, it is a must-have for any kit that enjoys color schemes. It also gives a casual look, making it perfect for children's themed works.

(Prototype 4, almost finished product)

What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Enjoy the season with Kogin sashimi⚪︎Stab a pattern in which various modoko are arranged irregularly in one color (Experience points increase)
⚪︎Enjoy color combinations⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Tsugaru Kobosha Kogin Dwell and Tsugaru⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Kogin thread for handwork fans
⚪︎Feel the expansion of the world that you can enjoy with Koginzashi⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)

(Original plan and prototype No. 1 = our carp streamer)

◆Production story My son asked me to do it, and I happily replied, ``Okay!'' However, no matter how much I tried, I couldn't get rid of the distortion, and it took 2 months and 6 different works to get it to the shape I was satisfied with. It was completed. When the kit is completed like this, the first work is so funny that I even feel endearing. My son gave me the okay for the original idea, didn't he? This is strange and makes me laugh again.
Adjusting the shape while stabbing (leaving records on the cloth) takes time and consumes materials, so it's a waste if you only think about the material aspect, but it's also a waste of time to think and imagine various things while stabbing. I feel that the value is cultivated through the ideas that come to mind , the experience gained in color matching , the density of the kit instructions , and the careful craftsmanship.

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Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.