Kogin sashimi kit Hinamatsuri 2022

◆Kogin sashimi kit Hinamatsuri 2022
The Doll's Festival Kit 2022 is one of the top three most popular Koginzashi kits to enjoy the season . In the Hinamatsuri Kit 2021 , we created a shape that is soft and fluffy like that of a baby, but in 2022, we made it a little cleaner and shaped it with the idea of ​​a person larger than a baby in mind. The two color schemes currently on sale (the photo in the article and the photo below) are almost the same and are by far the most popular, so we plan to continue selling them as long as fabric stock allows.
The fabric of the kit is Congress (there was also Kogin Dwell when it was first sold), and the kogin thread is Olympas or Tsukiya Kogin thread.

(Kensen Congress and Olympas's kogin thread are vivid and cute, aren't they?)
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 1. The difficulty level is a little lower than the Hinamatsuri Kit 2021. Since you can change the thread from time to time, this kit is perfect for practicing threading a needle , practicing how to dispose of thread , and for beginners to practice keeping the basics down. The value of the kit will increase if you enjoy it while also being conscious of improving your skills, such as practicing hand movement on the pedestal and practicing recognizing the current position of the hands .

(Sold out: Kogin thread for Kogin Dwell and handwork fans)

◆Material introduction
Kensen Congress (100% cotton)
Domestic Congress was available in a wide variety of colors, but recently Color Congress has been discontinued. It is more affordable than linen kogin cloth, and is strong enough to be used in applications that require frequent washing, such as coasters. The length and breadth of the pattern are proportional, making it the perfect cloth for the image of 2022 Hina dolls.

Olympus Kogin Thread Many people are not good at Olympus Kogin Thread, which tends to fall apart, but it has a cuteness and texture that can only be expressed with Olympus Kogin Thread , and the thread is chosen with priority given to that color. Masu. When stitching on congress, I feel that if you hold the base of the thread and slowly pull the thread (needle) out of the fabric , the air will not escape from the thread and you will be able to maintain a soft expression.

Tsukiyakogin Ito This is a handicraft shop located in Dote-cho, Hirosaki City, and every time I pierce it or pull it out by mistake, I realize how amazing this thread is. The not-too-strong luster and strong twist give the thread a dignified texture, creating an elegant finish even in cute colors such as pink. The top two in the photo below are Tsukiya's kogin threads.
I always feel that the thread itself is undisturbed, and it is easy to embroider whether it is Congress or other kogin cloth without shaking the shaft. In addition, even if you make a mistake and pull it out, the thread is hardly worn out and can be reused with confidence. (This may depend on the person, but) I recommend you to experience it at least once.

(The retro color scheme on the bottom left is also no longer on sale.)

◆What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Enjoy combining traditional Kogin-zashi patterns ⚪︎Enjoy the season with Kogin-zashi ⚪︎Enjoy expressions through color combinations⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Kensen Congress
⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Olympus Kogin thread and Tsukiya Kogin thread
⚪︎Experience the joy of making Koginzashi on a gift⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)
(Second plan for Hinamatsuri 2021, which was the original idea for the production of Hinamatsuri Kit 2022)
◆Production secrets

I mentioned it briefly at the end of the Koginzashi Kit 2021 blog, but the photo above is the second draft of the piece I was asked to make for the first annual festival . I asked my senior who requested the Doll's Festival Kogin to choose one, and he chose one that looked more like a baby. This design was hard for me to throw away, but I had to make some improvements, such as it not fitting on the matte paper , so I continued to think about the design for a year. Just try stabbing it, place it where you can see it, and if it comes to your mind, try stabbing it again...and the design always settles down.
The work below is a version of the work in the photo above stitched into a vertically elongated kogin dowel. I thought simply , "Duel will fit in the frame!" , but because the silhouette itself changed, it ended up going in a different direction than I had imagined. The completed kit is waiting for us as we continue to create different images . In any case, there is a world that can only be seen through stitching, cloth and thread.

(If I do something a little more, I think it will become a standing doll...I will continue to Hinamatsuri 2023)

◆Kogin sashimi kit Hinamatsuri 2022 sales link
⚪︎Click here for the design and cloth set
here for the pattern, fabric and thread set
⚪︎Click here for the full set

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.