Kogin sashimi kit ribbon

◆Koginzashi Kit Ribbon There is a Koginzashi Miscellaneous Goods Kit that is positioned differently from the Ribbon Skill Up Kit and Seasonal Enjoyment Kit . This is the case with the ribbon kit and book cover kit .
There are two sizes to choose from: (1) regular size 8.6cm wide, and (2) mini size 6.0cm wide (recommended for hair accessories for small children and brooches for adults).
When choosing materials, we prioritize ease of tailoring, ignoring the length and breadth of the fabric. The fabric is Lucien Linen Tape and the thread is Olympus Sashiko Thread.

(The width is approximately 8.6cm for regular size and approximately 6.0cm for mini size)
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 2. The design itself is not that difficult as it is a continuous pattern, but the stitches are finer than the cloth that is usually used in the Satonobo kit, so your eyes may get tired until you get used to it . I'll explain how to handle the fabric later, but once you get the hang of it, I think you'll be able to proceed without any problems.
In addition, we carefully compare materials and sewing methods to ensure that the tailoring process is as painless as possible, so we believe that anyone can make it. All completed by hand sewing.

(This is a ribbon sample with a width of 8.6cm. There is no problem with a kogin needle.)

◆Material introduction
Lucian linen tape (linen)
The length and breadth of the pattern are proportional. The grain is 10 stitches/cm, which is finer than the cloth normally used for kits (7-8 stitches/cm), but I think you can move the needles with a kogin needle without any problems. The vertical and horizontal directions are different, so in addition to your normal threading work, you can also gently stretch the linen tape up and down against the pattern and enjoy it while widening the grain of the linen tape.

Olympus sashiko thread is different from Olympus's kogin thread . Speaking of Olympus's kogin thread, it is twisted so that it can be pulled out as many threads as needed, but sashiko thread does not untwist while stitching (compared to kogin thread). Furthermore, the yarn is fluffy and contains air, making it very cute. It also goes perfectly with linen tape in terms of stitching quality.

(You can choose any color you like. Colors are subject to change)

◆What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Combine traditional Kogin-zashi patterns ⚪︎Make a ribbon with Kogin-zashi ⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Lucian linen tape
⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of Olympus sashiko thread
⚪︎Try a simple tailoring ⚪︎Try Kogin embroidery with sashiko thread ⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)
◆Secret story behind the production The production of this product began after consultation with the people who helped us with workshops and kits. Originally, I was only thinking about making a regular size ribbon (about 9cm), but someone with small children suggested I make a smaller size for them, so I decided to try making one. When it was completed, it was very cute, and many people enjoyed it as gifts for their families, including those who have young daughters as well.
Sales will start in 2021, and we have been on hiatus for a while because we ran out of yarn on hand, but we have received requests for sales and have decided to bring it back. Once again, we are able to carry out these activities based on the feedback we receive from our customers. Thank you for your continued support.
(This is a ribbon made from many different materials.)
◆Kogin sashimi kit ribbon sales link

⚪︎Click here for the threadless set (6cm)
⚪︎Click here for full set (6cm)
here for the threadless set (8cm)
⚪︎Click here for full set (8cm)

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.