Kogin sashimi kit standing dolls

◆Kogin Sashimi Kit Standing Dolls 2023 Doll's Festival Kit In addition to the Doll's Festival Kit 2023 introduced yesterday, we have also created standing dolls . There are two shoulder silhouettes: firm shoulders and flat shoulders , and two patterns for how the female doll's hem spreads out.
There are three combinations of cloth and thread.
The first one is koginbank original kogin cloth x handmade fan hand-dyed kogin thread.
The second one is Tsugaru Kobosha Tsugaru x Tsugaru Kogin thread.
The third item is Tsugaru Kobosha Tsugaru x Atelier CANOE Hakkoda Indigo Dyed Thread .
Enjoy the fun of having different silhouettes and atmospheres even with the same pattern depending on the fabric.

(Left: flat shoulders, right: firm shoulders)
◆Difficulty level and points

Difficulty level is 2. This is a fast-paced design that allows you to enjoy the rhythm of traditional patterns. Although the design is simple, it includes unique elements that customers can choose and enjoy, such as choosing how the hem spreads or choosing the silhouette of the shoulders. When the hem widens, it looks like a kimono, and when the hem narrows, it gives it a cute kokeshi-like look.

(koginbank kogin cloth x handmade fan kogin thread, smooth shoulders, wide hem)

This time, you can also choose Hakkoda indigo dyed thread. The doll decoration made of single color indigo dyed thread (pictured below) turned out quite cool. We hope you will choose your favorite atmosphere and have a fun time creating.

(Tsugaru x Tsugaru Kogin thread is also available at Tsugaru Kobosha)

◆Material introduction
koginbank original kogin cloth (cotton)
Kinari will soon change to a new color that will be woven in 2023. It is a cloth with a moderate amount of suppleness, and I believe it plays a major role in helping beginners fall in love with Kogin-zashi. I don't think the kogin thread and cloth will fight, and there will be no stress when pulling the thread.

Tsugaru Kobosha Tsugaru (hemp)
It has the same feel as Kogin Dwell, but it is an interesting cloth with different colors in the vertical and horizontal directions of the weaving threads. The kit uses unbleached x white, which is hard to tell at first glance, but compared to unbleached fabric, the entire fabric is brighter, making it perfect for celebratory works. It may be a good idea to handle it a little more gently until you get the feel of the friction between the thread and cloth. Even if you accidentally stitch the wrong rows when using Dwell, you can enjoy this fabric without worry, as the color difference in the weaving threads serves as a guide for the rows.

Hand dyed kogin thread is used in koginbank's cloth works. The combination of materials is the same as Kit 2023, and it is excellent in terms of ease of stitching, cuteness, and richness of colors. Also, the gradation gave a nice look.

This thread is dyed by Tsugaru Kogin Ito Tsugaru Kobosha. It has good coloring and a relatively strong color personality, so it is recommended when you want to enjoy two colors or a single color. Depending on the color combination, the colors may seem to emphasize each other rather than blending together, so it may be a good idea to check the color by trying a test stitch.

Atelier CANOE Hakkoda Indigo Dyed Thread It is dyed a deep indigo blue, has a firm twist, and has a crispy feel to it that you would expect from an indigo dyed thread. When the twist is untwisted, the undyed parts will appear and the impression will change. Please handle the thread according to your preference.

(Tsugaru x Hakkoda indigo dyed thread, firm shoulders)

◆What you can experience (How to enjoy Koginzashi)
⚪︎Enjoy combining traditional Kogin-zashi patterns⚪︎Enjoy the Doll's Festival and spring season with Kogin-zashi⚪︎Learn about the characteristics of koginbank's original Kogin cloth, Tsugaru
⚪︎Handwork fans Learn about the characteristics of hand-dyed kogin thread, Tsugaru kogin thread, and Hakkoda indigo-dyed thread
⚪︎Experience the joy of making Koginzashi on a gift⚪︎ (please add more after you enjoy it)
◆Production secrets The work below was created as a prototype for the Doll's Festival Kit 2022. If you make a little more effort, maybe it will look more like a standing doll? ? That's what I started thinking about, and that's what led to the birth of Tachibina. Seasonal works don't last long after the season has passed, so if I can return to sales activities in 2024, I plan to introduce another one.
(One of the prototypes, it looks a little lonely as it is)
◆Kogin sashimi kit Tachibina sales link

⚪︎Tsugaru Cloth: Click here for the design and cloth set
⚪︎Tsugaru Cloth: Click here for the design, cloth and thread set
⚪︎Cloth Tsugaru/Tsugaru Kogin thread: Click here for the full embroidery hoop set
⚪︎Cloth Tsugaru/Indigo dyed thread:
Click here for full embroidery hoop set

⚪︎koginbank cloth: Click here for the pattern, cloth, and thread set
⚪︎koginbank cloth : Click here for full embroidery hoop set

(Put it in an art frame and give it as a gift)

Please continue to enjoy your fun Kogin time.