Colorful Kogin color selection

◆Colorful Kogin, how to choose colors
Today's theme is about how I choose colors when I enjoy colorful Koginzashi. When I was holding a workshop in Yokohama, I was asked many times how I choose colors . "Let's go with this color!" depends on your senses, and I'm sure you have your own preferences, so my answer is to look at the colors next to each other and choose the color that feels comfortable to you .
However, we can tell you how we choose the comfort level.

◆Troll the thread onto the cloth and look at it.
In the other day's blog about how to store kogin thread , I mentioned that I store kogin thread by wrapping it around a stick . I choose the color by rolling the thread onto the fabric as shown in the photo above. I use a process of elimination to remove threads that I don't use, and then I trust my intuition. The photo below shows how the loosely selected yarn is rolled.

◆If it doesn't match, pull out the thread graciously The compatibility of colors when seen on cloth and the compatibility of colors when they are penetrated into cloth often give a different impression. If I feel that there is a noticeable difference, I immediately pull out the thread, but when I have decided on a drastic color combination, I try to stitch it for a while and see how it looks. I guess you could say that I try not to trust my own feelings. (Laughs) Even so, when I can't concentrate on stabbing because it doesn't feel right or something is wrong, I try to pull out the thread gracefully because I no longer enjoy the time . The thread pulled out at this time is wrapped around a card and used for prototype production.
The bottom line is that if you think you're beautiful, that's fine. Let's enjoy Koginzashi for yourself!

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