Next minne sales schedule

◆Next minne sales schedule
minne (handmade marketplace), which has been closed since the beginning of this month, will be open on the following dates.
Shop ▶ ️Satonobo (Click to go to minne)
Sales period ▶️ June 29th (Thursday) - July 2nd (Sunday)

◆About sales at minne In the future, we plan to move from minne to Satonobo's official SHOP . Until the preparations for the official SHOP are complete, we are thinking of setting up a sales period about once a month.
However, we plan to respond flexibly to irregular orders, such as multiple orders for a workshop, by exchanging messages in advance and preparing an order page. Please feel free to contact us please.

◆Difference between minne and official SHOP
I think the big difference for customers is that a photo of the product being selected, such as the color scheme, is displayed . This feature is commonplace on major e-commerce sites, but minne did not have a specification for it, and it took a lot of time for customers to confirm. Additionally, since you can complete the purchase without selecting a color scheme, etc., it takes time to confirm each time you make a mistake, and as a result, it takes many days to ship. There was some concern about securing inventory for kits that have a concentrated order period, such as seasonal kits, but at the official shop, customers no longer need to waste their precious time.
Looking at the actual SHOP page "Starter Kit" as an example,

If you select a dark green cloth in the "Color" item, the screen above will appear, and if you select a beige cloth , the screen below will appear. Also, if you select " No frame" in the "Frame" item, the price without the frame will be displayed in the price column as shown in the photo above, and if you select with frame , the price including the frame will be displayed as shown in the photo below. Now it's easier to understand. (Incidentally, we also sell frames only.)

In the future, we will make improvements so that customers can choose visually, such as by creating and photographing works in frames, so that customers can enjoy shopping for Koginzashi kits and other items more comfortably. . Please rest assured that we will contact you regarding any matters that require confirmation.

Additionally, we use the world's largest platform, so you can enjoy shopping with peace of mind in terms of security. We will continue to provide material research and kit introductions on this Satonobou official website, so please continue to visit us.