American life 3

◆Satonobo's life in America part 3
It's been three months since I came to America. As for me now, I have become more aware of my fatigue . I spent a month and a half in Seattle, and then I moved to Bellevue for almost two months. When I first started living here, I wasn't sure if it was a dream or a reality, but in addition to the tension and freshness, I also had a positive feeling, and I was able to live a reasonably energetic life. The people of Seattle were friendlier than I expected, and just walking around the neighborhood was a fulfilling experience meeting new people.
I moved to Bellevue when I started to feel like I was getting used to life there. For a few days after moving in, we didn't have any furniture, so we slept on camping cushions at night, rented furniture for about a month, and finally at the end of the year, all our luggage arrived from Yokohama, and the furniture we already had at home truly became our home. I did. During that time, my eldest son started elementary school, and I started spending more time with my second son, so it's been a really long time coming this far.
``Look, I remember this toy! '' ``Look, I remember Mom's desk! '' We had the option of getting the furniture in the United States or sending things from home, but after hearing the children's wishes, we were very impressed. It was correct. The family ties engraved on the furniture were released throughout the room, and soft smiles naturally overflowed. Nostalgia is strong.

(The leaves on the trees in the library have completely fallen: Autumn )

◆Life adjustment has entered the second stage (?)
This is not limited to moving overseas, but when you first start a new life, you feel excited and nervous about the novelty, and once that tension wears off, you start to feel tired . In my case, the arrival of the ship coincided with the start of winter vacation at my son's elementary school, so I didn't have to get up early, and I felt relieved that my long-awaited package had arrived and my life was stable. At the end of the day, I was so tired that I slept for a long time.
The other day, I took a bus to the driver's license center for the first time, but I couldn't get off at the bus stop easily, the road from the bus stop had to be detoured due to road construction, and the English at the driver's license center was completely concentrated. It was a great adventure, working hard (although it doesn't really sound like an adventure when you write it like this (lol)). Just doing that alone used up all my energy for the day, and at the same time I felt an incredible sense of accomplishment. I guess it was like this every day when I was a kid.
Still, the scenery of the city has become familiar to me, I have come to realize that I have no choice but to work hard on my English (perfection is not expected in everyday life), and above all, I have made friends that I can rely on, and it has been fruitful. I just realized that it was three months of progress. Bellevue is safe and relaxing, so I feel like I can spend a relaxing time there, and I'm looking forward to the future.

(As a reward for working hard for three months, I went to listen to jazz with my family at the end of the year.)

◆Goals for 2024 are health, language, and Satonobo
 Although I am still in the early stages of setting up my foundation for a living, I would like to put my health first, actively learn the language, and get started with Satonobo. As for Satonobo, I think I can convey Koginzashi as a Japanese thing , and to people who know Japan as a thing from Aomori , so I would like to create an opportunity to do that.
In any case, Satonobo will do his best this year to discover even more of the charm of Koginzashi. Thank you for your continued support this year.

(Ordering at Starbucks. It seems that Sa t omi is pronounced as San omi. I'll go test it again at the end of the year. (LOL))

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