Learning about cloth and thread 16 (Olympus Linen)

◆Learning about cloth and thread 16 (Olympus Linen)
This is the 6th piece of fabric research, and the linen fabric category is completed with this Olympus linen . A major feature of Olympus linen is that it is the lightest of the 12 fabrics surveyed this time (as a result of weighing all fabrics with the same area). I felt that this was the correct compatibility with the thread.
*Alphabets in the fabric name and numbers in the thread name are changed for convenience.

◆Olimpus linen basic information
⚪︎Material Hemp
⚪︎Number of stitches per 1㎠ (vertical: horizontal) 8 stitches
⚪︎Purchase store Dealer store
⚪︎Purchase date: Around 2021 (described considering the possibility of differences depending on the lot)
⚪︎Please contact the manufacturer for product information such as available colors and prices.

(At first glance, the cloth looks like this. The light shines through it!)

◆Impressions of Olympus linen (according to Satonobo research)
⚪︎The thread is thin and the cloth is light▶️It looks good for works that take advantage of lightness and softness
⚪︎Sheer▶️The feeling of the thread crossing is visible, so when stitching parts, it is important to be aware of the thread, lining fabric, adhesive interlining, etc. as a whole.
⚪︎There is no height in the weaving thread of the cloth▶️It seems to be weak against thick threads, etc., and the tiers tend to shift easily.It seems to be compatible with gentle threads that are tightly twisted.

Below is a photo taken with a macro lens. There is no stringy thread and the holes are easy to see, making it easy for beginners to stitch. I get the impression that the fabric doesn't make much of a statement. It seems easy to use for art works. As for the feeling of actually stabbing, the weaving thread is very thin, so it is almost difficult to break it with a needle, but I thought that it was easy to thread it because the weaving thread moved well. Since the threads of the cloth are thin, they tend to get buried in thicker threads, so I felt that it was easy to see how they matched with the threads. However, since the surface is glossy and the weaving thread moves, I think the kogin needle will be slippery. I'll do some research on it later, but I had the impression that it was similar to the New Congress sold at Tsukiya.

(You can see how thin the warp threads are.)

If you compare them with this zoomed photo, they are completely different (lol), but I will put fabrics that look similar to each other side by side. Olympus linen has a very clean surface. I feel that the lightness of the fabric and the way the thread runs are similar. G. The New Congress will be part of the next survey, so I will keep it in mind once again.

◆I want to try it on Olympus linen again! Recommended yarn from Satonobo
 This is my impression of using the same kogin needle with needle movement. Please understand that my skill level will affect the appearance and impressions.

⚪︎4. Daruma Kogin thread
Stitching comfort : The thread passes smoothly, and the thread thickness and hole size match well.
Appearance : Personally, I feel that the thread is delicate (easily broken), but the delicateness of Olympus linen fits well without breaking the thread.
Impressions: Out of all the linen fabrics I have researched so far, I feel that it is the most compatible with Daruma's kogin thread. This is probably because there is no frizzy hair on the surface and the threads move easily.

⚪︎5. Tsugaru Kogin thread from Tsugaru Kobosha
Stab feeling : Smooth and the thickness matches
Appearance : Very beautiful without losing the luster and elegance of Tsugaru Kogin thread.

Impressions : Recommended for both the feel and appearance.

⚪︎8.Handwork fan hand-dyed kogin thread
Stitching comfort : Very good stabbing feeling, neither too slippery nor too much friction.
Appearance : Just like the texture of the thread used by handwork fans
Thoughts : I highly recommend it, I highly recommend it.

⚪︎9.koginbank Kogin thread stitching feeling : Characteristic comfortable stitching feeling
Appearance : Koginbank's yarn-like style is expressed as is.
Impressions : Perhaps because the weaving threads of the cloth are delicate, you can feel the bumpy feel of the kogin thread as it passes through the holes in the cloth, which is very interesting. I would love for you to try it.

⚪︎Other thoughts
If the twist was too strong, I would be concerned about the size of the holes in the fabric, and if it was too loose, it would protrude from the threads, so I felt that the fabric was easy to understand. Care must be taken with threads that are used in a way that they are used in a straight line.
That being said, it is a very comfortable fabric that can be enjoyed using yarns that go well with each other . I also thought that the lightness and thinness of this cloth would be an advantage when creating works. I've made it once, and I recommend it for pincushions because the weaving thread avoids the needle, or rather doesn't get in the way.

Kit that can be enjoyed with Olympus linen
️Hydrangea (white linen cloth, kogin thread is a fan of handwork)

◆Next cloth will be New Congress

We are currently working on the work, so please allow some time!

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◆About the compatibility of cloth and thread
As I touched on in Understanding Cloth and Thread 3 , sensibilities vary from person to person, and of course, preferences also vary from person to person. Regarding compatibility, I am writing this with the intention of conveying that the stitching comfort varies depending on the combination of cloth and thread. One of the reasons for conducting this survey is that I feel that it is a waste to distance yourself from a cloth or thread based on your first impression. The purpose of the survey is to learn about the positives, not the negatives.

◆Regarding the survey content
This information is for those who enjoy Koginzashi on their own, and was researched by Satonobo using materials he kept at home. Please note that depending on the storage environment, there may be a discrepancy in the count or weight of the fabric you have. Also, unauthorized use of photos is prohibited. I hope you have a fun Kogin time.