Learning about cloth and thread 22 (koginbank)

◆Learn about cloth and thread 22 (koginbank cotton kogin cloth)
Of the 12 fabrics surveyed last time, Tsugaru Kobosha's cotton fabric Perry Pull was the fabric that I felt was the one that I could enjoy the most without worrying about thread compatibility (it goes well with any thread). I want you to be aware of the deformation of the fabric in the Kogin-zashi areas and enjoy it.
 Today's cotton kogin cloth from koginbank is the last cloth we researched. It is easy to thread , and even beginners can enjoy it with peace of mind, so it often appears in Satonobo's kits.

◆koginbank Cotton kogin cloth basic information
⚪︎Material Cotton

⚪︎Number of stitches per 1㎠ (vertical: horizontal) 7:8
⚪︎Purchase store koginbank online shop
⚪︎Purchase period: Around 2022 to 2023 (described considering the possibility of differences depending on the lot)
⚪︎Please contact the shop for product information such as available colors and prices.

(You can get an idea of ​​the tension of the fabric from the photo.)

◆Impressions of koginbank cotton kogin cloth (according to Satonobo research)
⚪︎Flexible and stretches horizontally ▶️Easy to thread ⚪︎Warp threads are clear ▶️Easy to lift warp threads and move needles ⚪︎Warp threads are firmly pressed down ▶️Easy to stitch with any thread

The warp threads were sturdy and didn't move much, and any thread was comfortable to sew . At the same time, loose threads tend to fall apart when you pull them , so if you are concerned about the thread breaking, you should be careful when choosing thread. (I will introduce recommended threads later). Also, perhaps because of the strong presence of the threads in the fabric, I felt that the shadows of the threads were clearly visible after applying Koginzashi.
When I held the fabric in my hand, it felt similar to Zweigart®'s Davosa, but when I embroidered it, I found that it was a very different fabric in terms of the ease of movement of the warp threads, the height of the fabric, and the strength of the warp threads. Even if you look at the photo below, it looks different.

◆koginbank I want to try stitching on cotton kogin cloth again! Recommended yarn from Satonobo
 This is my impression of using the same kogin needle with needle movement. Please understand that my skill level will affect the appearance and impressions.

⚪︎4. Tsukiya Kogin thread (10 pieces)
Stitching comfort : Thread runs smoothly and comfortably
Appearance : Elegant and sturdy
Impressions : Very good, recommended

⚪︎8. Handwork fan Kogin embroidery thread
Stitching feeling : Smooth, comfortable threading
Appearance : The condition of the thread is unchanged, giving it a casual look.
Impressions : You can enjoy it without any problems

⚪︎9. koginbank kogin thread
Stitching comfort : The rough feel of the thread passing through is fun
Appearance : The characteristics of the thread are expressed as they are.
Impressions : Both the cloth and thread have a strong presence.

⚪︎Other thoughts
This is a very attractive fabric with its suppleness . If you are wondering, "What is it like to thread a thread?", I would like you to experience thread threading using this cloth . Also, since the cloth is flexible, it is also recommended for those who practice hand movement.
When you thread slowly and pull the thread, the cloth and thread will stretch together, and if you continue to thread gently, the thread will settle neatly between the cloth. I have something that I am currently stitching, and I am posting it on my Instagram reel, so please check it out to see how supple the fabric is, how easy it is to thread, etc.

Kit that you can enjoy with Perry Pull▶️Kogin sashimi kit Goldfish Nebuta (Kogin thread is by koginbank)
▶️Kogin embroidery kit gift
(Kogin thread is for fans of handwork)
embroidery kit book cover 2 (paperback)
(Kogin thread is for fans of handwork)
▶️Kogin embroidery kit book cover 2 (shinsho version) (Kogin thread is a handwork fan)
(Sales are currently closed as of February 2024)

◆About future research
 We have finally completed our research on 12 pieces of fabric that will allow you to enjoy Kogin embroidery. After this, I will move on to the overall summary. I'm starting to prepare for the event in June, so the next blog may be a little later, but I would like to continue learning about materials and sharing information about their appeal with everyone. Also, at the event, we would like to make use of information about your favorite modcos that you answered to a survey on Instagram. Thank you to everyone for your cooperation.
I think that I have fabrics, threads, and preferences that are compatible with me, but I want to know the charm and characteristics of the fabrics here, the charms and characteristics of the threads here, and use them to their full potential. I'm thinking of doing Koginzashi. What I can do, since I can't make the materials, is to appreciate them and use them.
Thank you for your continued support.

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◆About the compatibility of cloth and thread
As I touched on in Understanding Cloth and Thread 3 , sensibilities vary from person to person, and of course, preferences also vary from person to person. Regarding compatibility, I am writing this with the intention of conveying that the stitching comfort varies depending on the combination of cloth and thread. One of the reasons for conducting this survey is that I feel that it is a waste to distance yourself from a cloth or thread based on your first impression. The purpose of the survey is to learn about the positives, not the negatives.

◆Regarding the survey content
This information is for those who enjoy Koginzashi on their own, and was researched by Satonobo using materials he kept at home. Please note that depending on the storage environment, there may be a discrepancy in the count or weight of the fabric you have. Also, unauthorized use of photos is prohibited. I hope you have a fun Kogin time.

*Alphabets in the fabric name and numbers in the thread name are changed for convenience.